Your Hairstyle speaks….

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You must have come across people analyzing your personality from your face or handwriting. Did you know your hairstyle screams who you are? The way you wear your hair can evince a lot about your behavior and personality traits.

We carry our tresses in dozens of different hairstyles, depending on how comfortable, complacent or flattering we feel in them. You cannot judge a book by its cover but you can definitely judge a person by the length, volume, color and style of the mane they host.

Long hair, braided with some loose strands falling on your face

If you see someone sporting such a hairstyle, you can figure out that the person is extremely sensitive, dreamy, imaginative, philosophical and in need of security. They are basically introverts but also cannot do away without drawing the attention of those they like.

Neat, sleek hair, long or short with a blunt cut or a bob cut with an accurate fringe

People styling their tresses in such a way come across as being charming, captivating, materialistic, goal oriented, just, inventive and organized. They are not much of risk takers and tend to be drawn towards having all the luxurious possessions in their life.

Wild, curly, voluminous, messy hair left loose to fall on the face and shoulders or tied loosely with a hair band

These people are ambitious, entertaining, optimistic, gutsy and lively. They do not lose their control given any situation and stand up to face the problems with utmost chivalry and courage.  They may sometimes be seen as being proud and arrogant.

Long, straight hair combed back and put behind the ears or tied in a flat, tight ponytail.

These people like to have tresses that are easy to maintain with no frills, curls or waves. They are said to be reserved, reliable, emotional, creative, responsible and artistic. They are always in touch with reality and quite down to earth. They like to be in their shell with a limited social life.

Short hair neatly pinned up, pixie cut, army cut or a short bob

You see many people sporting creative and trendy short hairstyles with no hair either falling over their face or neck. You will seldom see them fidgeting with their hair. Such people are overtly confident, friendly, generous, optimistic, flexible, trendsetters, go getters and can often be brutally honest.

Thick, messy short hair or long messy hair tied in a bun or a high ponytail.

People with such hairstyles are athletic, logical, opulent, goal oriented, flexible, valuing, unemotional and warrior like. They may occasionally come across as being eccentric.

Colored Hair

People with grey hair, never seen dyeing it are bold, dignified and with a killer confidence. People with a mane that is crazily colored and refreshingly dyed are headstrong, wild, straight forward, adventurous, enterprising, frank and dynamic.

Bald head

People who go bald are considered to be optimistic, diehard romantics, bubbly and with a radiant personality. They can sometimes be quite fickle and find it challenging to be in a stable relationship.

So, time to show off your new mind reading skills to let everyone go gaga over your new talent. Enjoy your fan following.

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