Wittiest Nail Art Tips For Pros

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Painting the nails has gone beyond your normal single color painting to the use of multiple colors to produce some astonishingly beautiful and elegant nail designs. As time goes on, ideas are born and the ways the nails are designed get more and more crazy, daring and also beautiful. Some of the ideas behind these designs are pure genius that it would leave you thinking how come?

The beauty of nail art is, you don’t have to be a professional to learn or do them, you can always teach yourself and apply them on your nails or show off your new skills to friends. However it is, these nail art tips is for everybody and am sure it would be worth it.

  • Sponged Ombre Nails

The ombre nail design is the kind of design where the nails are given a kind of gradient design where one of two colors gradually blend into the second color, sometimes from light to the darker color.


  • Apply your base coat for the protection of your natural nails
  • Choose 3 colors that wouldn’t fight against each other, colors that would go well with the ombre.
  • Use the lightest of the 3 colors as the base color for your nails
  • Pour a little bit of the remaining two ombre colors (black and gold for example) on a smooth surface and blend them together. It would be better if none of the colors is greater than the other.
  • With the help of a manicure sponge, dab into the mixed polish and dab onto your nails, continue moving the sponge in a dabbing motion till the nails are properly covered in the gradient.
  • When this is done, you then dip a fresh sponge into the darkest color and dab around the tip of the nail down to the halfway point of the nails.
  • Wait till the gradient polish has dried out, and then apply topcoat.
  • Tidy up the excess polish around the nails cuticles with cotton ball and nail remover.


  • Plastic wrap design

This design gives your nails a marble effect and it is always very beautiful.


  • Apply base coat for nail protection
  • Apply a base color, probably the darker of the colors of your choice and allow to dry
  • Apply the second polish over the dried base color
  • Take a piece of rumpled plastic wrap and smudge it over the freshly applied polish one or two times, this would create a design that looks like marble.
  • Leave to dry out and then apply a topcoat.


  • French manicure

The French manicure is known for having very light base color, with white nail tips. This means the nail is painted light pink while the tip is painted white.


  • Apply base color which is mostly pale pink, allow it to dry out and paint it the second time.
  • When the base color must have dried, steady your hands on a flat surface and paint your nail tips with white polish.

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