Winter is coming – Here are 7 hairstyle tips for this winter

Image: © Yeko Photo Studio / Fotolia

The winter is coming, with its cold days, frigid air, and the holidays. Just like with the change of every season, there are new clothing, makeup and hair changes you have to make to adapt with the outdoors. In order to make sure that you’re prepared to handle your hairstyle this winter, make sure that you’re following these tips and keeping yourself warm!

During the winter, the cold winds have the ability to dry your skin, hair and even your scalp! In order to keep that depletion of moisture at bay, you should make an effort to shampoo your hair less frequently. The recommendation for shampooing in the winter is no more than two times per week, if you want to avoid that dryness.

While you should be shampooing less this winter for your hairstyle, you should actually be conditioning more. Every time that you wash your hair, you need to be applying a conditioner to your strands, but not your scalp. Not only will conditioning keep your hair shiny, it will prevent weather related breakage. Also consider deep conditioning about once a week.

If you can, try not to use a hairdryer on your hairstyle during the winter. Regardless of the season, letting your hair dry naturally is best, but even more so during the winter months. If you have no choice but to dry your hair, then make sure that you’re doing it on the coolest mode, to avoid extra hair damage. Avoiding styling tools like curling irons are also a good idea during the winter.

Grab a hat before you head outdoors. For those that really want to care about their hair, then this is essential. Keeping your hair protected from the blustery winds with a hat and a scarf will maintain moisture in your hair, and also avoid breakage. One thing to remember with a hat is that you want it to cover your hair, but don’t get one that’s too tight, or you can cut off circulation and actually damage your scalp.

Static can be a serious problem in the winter, especially when wearing your hats! If you want to keep static from ruining your hairstyle, then take some hairspray and spray it on your brush, brushing from top to bottom. This will help prevent all of that annoying static that you deal with during the colder months.

Want a way to help protect your hair from the constant change in temperature from inside to outside? Then you need to be adding oil to your hair! This will help boost moisture, and give your hair some oomph. Just letting it soak in for a few hours about once a week will make a big difference.

And whatever you do, avoid going outside with wet hair! Wet hair outside in the cold can make you sick, and damage your hair!

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