Why Layered Hairstyles Are a Favorite Among GIrls

Image: © igor_shme / Fotolia

First let’s discuss what a layered hair cut is.  A layered haircut is a hairstyle featuring hair that has been cut into several layers, the top layers shorter than the layers beneath them.  This has the much desired effect of making the hair look fuller, which is just great if you have thin or lackluster hair.  If you think that your hair needs a bit of sprucing up, this is a style that won’t fail you.

It’s easy to understand why layered haircuts are so popular among girls.  They give the hair more body and volume, and are a whole lot easier to keep up than one-length haircuts.  Furthermore, they do a wonderful job framing the face and accenting the facial features.  Plus layered haircuts can’t help but impart a sexy, perky look regardless of whether you want your hair long but layered, a medium length, or a short haircut with layers in your bangs.

Layered Bob
Now this hairstyle is absolutely beautiful.  The layers are the basis of this hairstyle and the main thing which makes it work.  If the layers are placed carefully it will enhance the wave, making hair seem fuller and more voluminous, not to mention all the time you will save not having to struggle to style your hair.  Relatively quick to put together, and gives the appearance of having more hair than you actually do.  Not that’s something that girls love.

Another great thing about any layered hairstyle is that it can easily be accented with streaks and highlights.  And you don’t have to worry because just about anything you do to this particular hairdo will only add to its appeal.

Long Layered Wavey Hairstyle
A layered hairstyle can also prove to be just perfect for anyone who likes to keep their hair really long.  It can be transformed into a long, wavy hairdo that positively oozes sex appeal.  This look is extremely popular among girls because it can be used on all hair types, helps to tame thick hair and make it more manageable, adding volume as well as glamor.

There are many benefits to layered haircuts.  For one thing, if you change over from a blunt cut to a layered hairstyles, it will be more lightweight and can transform your appearance.  Having your hair in varying lengths will completely change the way your hair frames your face and also reduce extra thickness found at the ends so that if your hair is too thick it won’t dominate your face.

The examples above demonstrate why girls are so attracted to the layered hairstyle.  They love the fact that this is an easy to wear hairdo that can look fantastic.  Even if you have no other reason for trying it other than because you’d like to go for something new it’s still a great idea.  From wispy bangs to the all over layer this is also a fun style.  Even if it’s a little messy looking, the layered look is still  a cool hairstyle with a bit of glam, so it’s easy to fall in love with.

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