Why are women addicted to make up?

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The use of makeup dates back to ancient times so it is not particularly a new practice. Makeup products were and are still worn by men and women but more recently, it appears some women have become addicted to makeup that they cannot step out of the house without wearing any (no matter how short the distance). This has made some men begin to wonder what is it with women and makeup? To some, it is as bad as wearing makeup before going to bed. This in medical terms is regarded as Atelophobia.

Research has shown that there are reasons why women become so addicted to makeup. One of them is confidence. Some women have revealed that they feel naked without makeup. To them, as little as mascara, lip gloss, eye liner, foundation, blushers, powder, eye shadow etc. gives them a level of confidence. The number of ladies with this sort of obsession is not that big anyways.

Another reason is the aim to look younger. One thing that is common among the women is the desire to be forever young. A report on the guardian UK revealed that in the UK, women made up as much as 90.5% of all cosmetic procedures in 2013 which amounted to a total of 45,365 procedures. We all know that the reason for cosmetic surgery is to augment some looks right?

A good makeup artist can use foundations to hide those ugly looking wrinkles around the eyes and corners of the mouth. Women in this category of belief know how to use makeup to work around their looks to conceal their age.

Others use makeup to draw attention to them. Women love attention and some can go to any length to get it. In such a situation, it is not uncommon to see women that use light colored blushers and shimmers which glisten under dim light. Women also use makeup to improve their looks. The idea here is to look polished and smart without any excesses that will reveal they even wore makeup.

As funny as it may sound, there are women that put on makeup for no particular reason besides for the fun of it. These women are the ones that wear the craziest of makeup. There is yet another category that is forced to wear makeup because of their career. Women that appear on air (broadcasting, modeling, acting, secretaries etc.) are mandated to look good and attractive and some of them, after working for so long at that organization pick it up as a makeup to always have their makeup.


Finally, some women, especially the younger ones always want to imitate what they see on the television. They want to look like every actress on television so they tend to put on makeup like them. The question, ‘What is it with women and makeup?’ has a broad answer which ultimately varies from one individual to another. Whichever reason women use makeup, it is always good for them to know the beauty of a woman goes beyond facial looks.

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