Who says Manicure Cannot Spice Your Love Life? You Should Read This.

Image: © pio3 / Fotolia

There aren’t many things that actually highlight the elegance of a lady than beautiful and adorable fingernails. As a lady, don’t make the mistake of seeing your fingers as just part of your hands and are just for holding and gripping things. A woman’s fingers and nails make big statements and can be a big turn on/off depending on the state you keep them.

Little things like these are those things the male folks especially find hard to discuss, but yet might be the reason for detachment and loss of interest in the relationship. If you think this is baseless, make it a topic for a little investigation and ask 10 random guys how they feel about a lady’s fingers and hands in general and you might be amazed at what you would hear.

Nice and soft hands make a lady more beautiful and attractive in the eyes of her partner, but that aside taking a trip to the manicure shop, together with the one you love might be some form of fun and adventure which goes a long way in strengthening what you two already have. Walking into a manicure shop together laughing and holding hands, is sure to get a lot of eyes rolling and a lot neck turning. Now imagine your partner helping you varnish you nails while you wait for the manicurist to attend to you, I bet that would be a wonderful moment which might even get some ladies in the shop a little jealous.

Most guys love a lady who can be neat and tidy, and in most cases they are willing to encourage, so what best way to show a lady who loves to be neat and tidy by accompanying her to the do her nails? He could even do one more and get his done too. I am not sure there is a lady out there who wouldn’t love this, in fact the first day of this experience if it turns out to be the first of many, could be even marked on the calendar.

If both partners are agreeable on the matter, visiting beauty shops for manicure/pedicure could turn out to be a secret spice to your slacking relationship, because each visit together to a beauty shop is sure to draw a certain attention from other customers which you guys can laugh about and bond over. Just like it feels different and somewhat nice for a guy to have his girlfriend over at a barber shop where he’s getting a trim, same way it is when you follow your lady to her own beauty shop. It’s romantically odd and that’s what makes it special.

If you painted a good picture from everything written above, then you should know by now that manicuring should be done frequently for all the benefits involved. Point been made here is Manicuring can help spice your relationship in more ways than one, and you shouldn’t overlook it.

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