What Keeping Up With The Kardashians Can Teach You About Make Up

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So you’re a big Kardashian fan and you admire the way they do their make up.  Well, one of the ways in which you can imitate their make up looks is to purchase their line of make up products.  Yes, like almost anyone else out there in Hollywood nowadays, the Kardashians now have their own make up line.  At feelunique in the Channel Islands they have a diverse family of shops and salons, even their very own spa at The Club Hotel.  All of these give the customers outstanding service and a one of a kind customer experience.


Make Up School


On July 25, 2015 Kim Kardashian and her make up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, hosted a class focused on showing students how to contour, and including a lot of other make up tips.


Now if you’re asking yourself why in the world you would want to pay any of your hard earned money to have Kim Kardashian teach you about make up, here is the answer.  This was your one opportunity to learn make up from one of the best at contouring.  There’s no denying she’s a real pro when it comes to make up, but she also has, without question, some of the most perfect make up anywhere, and her contouring tips have become wildly popular over the Internet.  That’s why it makes total sense that people would be lining up to take a Kim Kardashian taught make up class, which they were, even if it did cost a pretty penny.


The class was held on July 25th at the Civic Conference Center in Pasadena, California, and lasted four unbelievable hours.  Tickets were a mere $500 just for general admission.  Gold seating could be had for $800, and platinum right up to $1,000.  But don’t feel too bad for the people who had to shell out this massive amount of money.  They each got their own personal gift bag to bring back home with them.


Own Line of Make Up Products


As stated previously, the Kardashians also have their own line of make up products from rouges, lipsticks, and skin care products to eyeshadow and perfume.  Their opinions are highly sought after by make up obsessed women everywhere, and they are currently raking in a bundle from their make up products.


The vast popularity of the Kardashians and the way people are seeking out their opinions on make up and fashion seems to say that style, real style in make up and clothes isn’t dead yet.


People want to look elegant and classy, with just a touch of flash.  They may not always be able to afford the Kardashian look from head to toe, but they are eager to copy what they can.


Nowadays everyone seems to be more interested in keeping up with current trends in fashion and make up than in actually dressing and making themselves up in a manner that exudes elegance and charm.


That’s where the Kardashians come in.  While they have certainly been and will continue to be trend setters in their own way, you cannot deny that they are also one hundred percent class personified.  And it appears as if that is what the public is after.

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