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It often beats my imagination when some girls begin to make a case of their manicure, just a little chip and they are beginning to hyper-react. For crying out loud, who looks at your nails anyway? I would prefer they spend more concern on their dressing, their hair and down to how they smell because those are easier to notice up close rather than some negligible artifact.


This does not also mean you should ignore your manicure completely. The symmetry of men has been designed in such a way that they are turned on by what they see (unlike women who are suckers for sweet whispers into their ears). The best bet is that your nails are the least likely thing to get a man attracted to you but it could be the first thing that would wave your man good bye.


As your relationship advances, if you are lucky to have a romantic man, he may begin to do things that will either make you blush or nervous. One of them is kissing the back of your hand in public. Now, you don’t want a situation where he would raise your hand and see your manicure looking like an eighteenth-century witch come to life. He would feel like he had been kicked in his guts and a thousand and one reactions can come tumbling on you. You would be lucky or he must really love you to keep his composure afterwards.


It is necessary as a lady to go for a manicure a few times every month but definitely not every day like a ritual of some sort. If you do not have a salon close by, learn to do it yourself and shove aside the perfectionist ideology. Moreover, with constant practice comes your perfection. In fact, there are so many reasons why you have to learn to do your own manicure and lead among these is how much you will save by doing so.


Buy a manicure kit for a start. For an instructional material, you can head over to YouTube or if you prefer to read, there are also tutorials you can Google out. There are tons of videos there that can come in handy. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, besides you are in the safety of your home and can always take it off if it appears too awful. What I think is most important when it comes to a manicure is that it should be presentable and not necessarily perfect.


Build your looks (because it is your first and strongest arsenal), refine your character, pick up the right attitude and then, let your nails speak of how much you care for details. No sane person would walk around with their nails hanging on their faces just to show them off, you always keep them down. Therefore, unless you are flaunting really bright colors or have some shimmers on your nails that will reflect light into people’s faces as you walk, no one may ever notice or comment your manicure.

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