Uncertain about Gel Nails and Acrylic Nails While Doing Manicure? Read these tips

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Manicure is big business as a woman’s nails are sometimes used to judge her class and taste. One of the main distinctions that you need to make is whether to go for gel nails or acrylic nails. Here are a few issues to consider before deciding to adopt gel or acrylic nails.


  1. How do I want my nails to look like?

Gel nails are generally glossier than acrylic ones. Moreover, gel nails have a natural appearance as compared to acrylic nails. However, the latter are more durable. They will stay longer on your fingers than gel nails.


  1. How is the manicure applied?

Another significant difference between gel nails and acrylic nails is how they are applied. When you are applying acrylic, you must use a primer first. The curing process is relatively slower compared to gel nails. In addition, it is important to ensure there is not contact with the skin to avert allergic reactions.


On the other hand, you don’t necessarily have to apply a primer or base before using gel. The curing process is done using UV-light. Moreover, you nail beds are safe if you decide to use a primer and do so appropriately.


  1. How flexible is the style you are choosing?

Gel nails tend to be softer than acrylic ones. If you apply pressure of acrylic nails, you are likely to hurt the nail itself. On the other hand, gel nails exhibit flexibility and suppleness when touched.


  1. How do you remove the manicure?

When it comes to removal, there is very little to choose from between gel and acrylic nails. In both cases you may have to ask a professional to remove the job for you. It is also advisable to soak nails during removal instead of filing them off.


  1. How comfortable will you be?

Generally, owing to their hardness acrylic nails make you uneasy. This is because they stress the cuticle. Gel nails are different in that they adopt the shape of the nail and put no pressure on the cuticle.


  1. How much will the manicure cost you?

Tending to your nails will cost you. It is important that you choose the method that will fit your budget. Generally acrylic nails cost less compared to gel nails. However, the cost will also be determined by the class and sophistication of the facility where you will get the service.


  1. Are there side effects?

When you choose acrylic you must realize that the primer you use can damage the foundation of your nails. The use of water is also likely to cause fungal infection. Contrastively, as long as you use gel without a primer, you are not in danger of any infections or injury to your nail bed.


Making the decision

Manicure will have aesthetic as well as side effects depending on the choices you make. Whether you choose acrylic nails or gel nails depends on the above sets of factors. Choose wisely.

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