Top 5 hairstyles for Christmas holydays

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The holiday season is a fantastic opportunity to wear some formal hairdos, to escape from the everyday appearance and enjoy special evening get-togethers. From long natural curls to updos, here are some great ideas which can be the right look for you as well as your evening outings.

  1. Side Braid

For this hairstyle, make sure your hair is clean and dry. After that, apply a texturizing spray on your hair for a disheveled look. Gather your hair to one side of your head and then braid it. You can also achieve a contemporary effect by weaving two thicker sections with one being thinner. Secure the braid using an elastic band and cover using a bow.

  1. Wash and Go

First wash your hair the usual way and then get rid of excess water. Squeeze-dry your hair’s ends using a towel. Next, divide your hair into two half sections and then apply non-washable conditioner. Apply a quarter-sized quantity for each side, and then a nickel-sized quantity for only the ends of your hair on each side.

Lastly, smooth through the two sections by utilizing a quarter-sized quantity of curl jelly and then leave your hair to dry.

  1. The side do

The side do is always a hit when it comes to the Christmas holiday. It is recommended that you get someone to help you with this hairstyle. Apply a decent quantity of texturizing spray on your hair to create texture, also comb back your hair to get a lift at the crown.

Next pull your hair into a side ponytail and backcomb the ponytail so that its texture is maintained. Wrap the thick ponytail into a slack bun and use pins to secure it. Lastly, spray hairspray on your hair to keep it in place.

  1. High Bun

Begin with stretched hair from a braid out or twist out or from blowing it out using a blow-dryer – so that your hair is stretched to its full length. Next, detangle your hair with the aid of a broad tooth comb. After that, flip over your head as well as hair and comb upward towards where you intend to place the bun.

Next, apply some smoothing gel on your hair’s outer layer as you gather your hair for the ponytail towards the crown. Your hair and head should remain flipped over as well as upside down. Use an elastic band to secure the ponytail.

After that, bring your head and hair to the upright position, and evenly spread your hair out over your head from the ponytail.

Grab a portion of hair on a side of the ponytail and then twist it under as you curve it back around the ponytail. Add additional hair to the portion as you pull the hair around till your entire hair is tucked within the bun around the elastic band. Secure the extremity of the twist beneath the bun using a bobby pin. Lastly, smooth any hair strays using smoothing gel and a bristle brush.

  1. Pretty Pony

To create this simple hairstyle, you need to have a naturally wavy or curly hair. If your hair is not naturally wavy, you can create it using a curling iron. Gather your hair to one side of your head and secure it within a ponytail holder.

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