Tips to Prevent Infection while doing French Manicure

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Having a French manicure is a classic and beautiful look that easily blends in with your wardrobe. If you want to keep yourself well groomed, then having a manicure regularly is a necessity. But when you get a manicure, whether it’s at a salon or you’re doing it yourself at home, you run the risk of getting a nail infection.


Whether or not you’ve had a nail infection from a manicure before, it can happen at any time. But there are things that you can do as part of your personal care routine, to minimize the odds of getting an infection from a manicure.


If you’re someone that has already had a nail infection, and you want to prevent it from coming back, make sure before you go to sleep that you wash your hands and dry them, before applying an antifungal to both your skin and nails.


In general, you’re going to want to do everything you can to keep your hands dry and moisture-free. When you have dry skin, it lowers the chance of having a nail infection. If you wear any coverings on your hands, make sure you give your hands a chance to air out, or wash and moisturize them if you frequently sweat from your palms or hands.


Do you live with other people? If so, then you probably all share things like nail clippers and nail files. If that’s the case, stop immediately. When you’re trying to prevent a nail infection from a manicure, you should make every effort to not share any of these personal care tools, because of the possibility of spreading infection-causing bacteria.


When you’re doing your own at-home manicure, you need to make sure you don’t accidentally injure your nails, which can cause an infection. Many people may not realize this, but if you clip your nails too short, you can actually cause an issue that leads to an infection. And if you’re someone that goes to a salon for your manicure, make every effort to have the nail stylists use sterile and fresh instruments to clip and clean your nails.


If you do end up getting a nail infection from a manicure, then you need to see a medical specialist immediately. A doctor has the ability to take a look at your nails and diagnose any infection, as well as prescribe any medication or ointment that can be used to get rid of the infection. Don’t wait to see a doctor, if you notice discoloration on your nails.


By taking care of your nails, and taking proper precautions with your personal care and tools, you can minimize the risk of infection. Having a French manicure looks great on your hands, but make sure you’re not opening yourself up for a nail infection too.


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