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Anxiety trails doing anything for the first time. Getting your first manicure done is not an exception. If your intention is a nail salon, the only task would be to look for a good one. A little asking around will save you the trouble––considering that some nail salon will leave your nails worse than it was before you came. If on the other hand you decide to get it done yourself, the following steps will help you break the ice.


1) Get your kit ready

The following items should be found be found in a manicure kit and you should get them if you don’t already have them

  • Bowl of warm water
  • Nail clippers
  • Cuticle clippers/removers
  • Nail file
  • Scissors
  • Brushes
  • Nail polish (available in assorted colours)
  • Nail polish remover
  • Orangewood stick


A manicure can be a painstaking procedure if you are aiming at a good result. This is why manicure is encouraged at less occupied weekends.


2) Wash your hand

It is very important to wash your hand with soap and water (or a good disinfectant) before opening your manicure bag. This will prevent you from carrying germs from other sources into you manicure process.


3) Trim your nails

Manicure set comes with different sizes of nail clippers. Use the bigger clippers if your nails are hard and long and the shorter ones for soft short nails.


4) Remove old polish if any

If you had an old polish, this is the time to take them off. Some people prefer to scrape them off with a sharp object (such as razor blade). This is not only a bad habit because it leaves the top of the nails rough but it also creates cracks that may become a potential source of worry. It is better to soak a cotton wool in a good nail polish remover (there are a number of them in the market). Use it to bloat off the paint


5) File the nails

Use a file to file the nails. Miss Pop while speaking with recommended that filing should be done in one direction. She admitted that it may further slow the process but one that is worthwhile. Filing of fingernails back and forth may result in tiny cracks which may become wider and lead to splitting of the fingers.


6) Apply cuticle remover

When you are done with filing, apply cuticle removers and soak the hand in warm water (avoid soapy water as much as possible because soaps interfere react with nail paint). Do not over soak your hands. 3 to 4 minutes is all that is required. If the finger becomes too wet, it will make it hard for the polish to stick. After soaking, use the orange wood stick to push back the cuticle. Cutting of cuticle is strongly discouraged because they can become the gateway to infection.


7) Paint your nails

Base coat should be applied first followed by the first coat and top or second coat. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next.


8) Wash your tools

Though this may not be a part of the manicure process, it will reduce the spread of disease.

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