This fall, Heat up with makeup

Image: © Subbotina Anna / Fotolia

It’s that time of the year that marks the arrival of one more season giving us the much loved excuse to spruce up our beauty kits. With winter around the corner, get ready to beat the cold weather with some warm makeup.  Let your face be the canvas and makeup your art to create some standout looks this season.

Kill the chill with these latest makeup trends this fall.

  • Red, hot pout:

Make heads turn this fall with some sexy, bright, sensuous, spunky lips.  Red is the color of the season as it perfectly complements the grey winter. As rightly said give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world.  Appear bold and beautiful with a bright red lipstick.  Try experimenting with lipsticks in hues of red like cherry red, plum red, blood red or berry red to spice up the dull weather.

  • Summery eyes

Light up that pale wintery face with some sunny, bronzy eyes. Use an eye shadow palette filled with warm colors like bronze, deep brown, champagne, copper, auburn and hazel. Finish it by adding a dash of golden glitter to complete your glistening eye makeup.

  • Give wings to those smoky eyes

A warm eye shadow will work well with black winged eyeliner to give depth and drama to your eyes. This fall marks the comeback of the retro style cat eye makeup trend. Use a thick liner for those sultry eyes or try smudging the liner a bit to create a smoky eye effect. Stretch those liner wings to extraordinary lengths to add that fun element to your winter look.

  • Blazing bushy brows

Having thick eyebrows is perfect but for those who don’t, there is always makeup.  If you sport naturally bushy eyebrows, just brush them up in an upward direction to create an up combed, feathery look, making them look fuller. For thin brows try using a brow powder or brow pencil in black or brown shades to fill and shape them up. Tinted brow gel can also work wonders in giving them the necessary volume.

  • Red lips, rosy cheeks

Pop up the winter dullness from your face with some peachy, rosy, blooming cheeks. Team up those devilish lips and dramatic eyes with some dainty cheekbones.  Give your cheeks a lovely sheen and a warm radiant look by brushing them with blushes in shades of pink. Dust your cheeks with plum pink, berry pink, rose pink, coral or peachy shades.  Feel like a Disney princess while your cheeks imitate the shade you get, when they are pinched.

Replace those washed out looks with these sweltering fall makeup trends. Magnify your beauty and show your valiant side with those flaming lips, feathery brows, springy cheeks and smoky eyes. Whether you move out, in this chilled weather, to run some errands, have a gossip session with friends over tea, attend a dinner party or a romantic dance; flash, any skin tone, dark or fair with this ‘a la mode couture’. Tote yourself with oomph style and magical makeup this winter.

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