Thinking about hair extensions? Read these hair care tips first.

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If you’re thinking about getting hair extensions, there are some things that you need to fully think through first. Hair extensions can be an exciting way to change up your look, particularly if you have short hair or a difficult time growing your hair and you don’t want to wait. Despite all of the benefits of hair extensions, take a look at these hair care tips first before heading to the store to buy them.


There are different types of hair extensions – synthetics and human hair extensions. Both come in a variety of different lengths and colors, but there are some differences. Synthetics are made from man made materials, while the others are made from actual human hair. Because they are made with real hair, human hair extensions tend to be more expensive but can be styled and washed and treated like real hair, in a way that synthetics cannot.


Now let’s talk about hair care. If you get hair extensions, each night before you wash them, you need to be sure that you brush the hair with a special brush and remove the tangles. A looper brush is the correct kind of brush to use on hair extensions.


And when it comes to actually shampooing, you need to be using a moisturizing shampoo that is very mild and won’t cause any damage to the hair extensions. When you’re washing the extensions lather careful and work the shampoo into the hair, before rinsing and blotting the extensions to dry.


Another hair care step for hair extensions is to apply a leave in conditioner daily before brushing through them with a comb. It’s best to do this routine at night before you head to bed, as it can be a bit time consuming. If you can, always let the hair extensions air dry. But if you insist on using a hair dryer, then you need to use the dryer on low heat in order to prevent damage. When you are going to sleep at night, if you want to avoid getting any tangles in the extensions, then you can sleep wearing a scarf, a sleeping cap or even use a pillow case made out of satin.


No matter if they’re human hair or synthetic extensions, you need to be careful when styling. Make sure that you’re using products with no alcohol, as this can really dry them out and make them look bad. Also, avoid using a lot of products and styling equipment that emits high heat. In fact, unless you have human hair extensions, then you really shouldn’t be using styling equipment with heat at all, or you risk melting your extensions. If you end up using a lot of heat for styling with your hair extensions, you can severely hinder the life of your hair extensions – which could be a costly mistake.


It’s perfectly fine to want hair extensions, and by all means invest in them, but make sure you know about the maintenance behind the hair extensions, so that they will look good and last a long time.


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