Things You Should Know About American Manicure And How To Apply It

Image: © Sergey Galushko / Fotolia

What is the American manicure? What makes it unique? How is it different from the rest of them? These are nice questions when one is trying to understand the peculiarity with the American style of manicure, since every country seems to have one style attributed to it, whether the style actually originated from such country becomes totally irrelevant. There are Brazilian and French manicures amongst many.

The American manicure may well be the French manicure if you are not observing or not knowing where to look as they both look alike but the American style goes for a blended and more natural look, not saying the French manicure isn’t natural enough, but the traditional white tip of the French is substituted for a rather neutral or you could say, unpainted look. This is to say the American style manicure leaves your nails looking elegant and at the same time purely natural. You could boast to friends that your beautiful nails are down to you taking your veggies and vitamins regularly.

Applying the American Manicure

The American manicure looks a lot like the French in many ways, knowing how to do the French manicure means knowing the basics of the American manicure and it requires a lot of items if you want to do it properly. The items are top and base coats, manicure strips, neutral nail polish and off-white nail polish.

Steps involved in the American manicure

  • The first step would be to prep the nails by filing them to the desired shape and removing all trace of old nail polish.
  • Apply cuticle remover to the cuticles and push them back gently using a stick with not so pointy tip. Your cuticles are groomed and pushed back so that the main nail areas become a lot more visible, making for more pronounced nails.
  • Apply base coat to protect your nails as well as to make the polish comply
  • When the base coat must have dried off, apply the neutral color (this could be either pink, beige or any color as light)
  • When the neutral has dried, with the help of your manicure strip paint the tips of your nails with a coat of off-white color.
  • Let this dry up and then apply the top coat protect the polish and make it last longer.

That is the American manicure and how to go about it, but in case you are finding it difficult to pick yourself the right colors for your nails, check out some of the suggested colors below…

Colors for your nails:

  • China Glaze Afterglow
  • OPI Honeymoon Sweet
  • China Glaze Afterglow

Colors for your tips

  • Butterfly London Eastender
  • Essie Heavenly Harp
  • Revlon Barely Peach

These are some of the colors to get you started and once you have started with some of these colors, it would be a lot easier discovering and using other colors in the future, because you must have become confident enough to tweak things.

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