The World’s Worst Hair Care Advice

Image: © tan4ikk / Fotolia

There are so many bad ideas about proper hair care floating around out there that it’s really difficult to narrow the list down to the worst in the world.  They’re all bad and some are downright outrageous, but people fall for them anyway.  That’s probably because we’re all looking for that miracle that will give us perfect hair with minimal cost and effort.  Well, here is a list of some of the world’s worst hair care advice, but remember there’s still plenty more out there:


  1. Wash your hair every day — Now this popular concept is really a terrible idea because washing your hair on a daily basis can strip essential oils out of your follicles, thus destroying that healthy sheen all women crave for their hair. Only shampoo your hair every 2-3 days to help it stay clean and keep that beautiful shine.


  1. It’s okay to use heat styling tools on wet hair — When you apply heat to wet hair you are actually scorching it and risk damaging your follicles. Always be certain that your hair is totally dry before you attempt to use a heat product on it.


  1. Blow-dryer over use — It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that blowing direct heat on your hair for a long period of time can cause some very bad scorching. In order to avoid unintentional burning, get in the habit of constantly moving your blow dryer around your head while you are using it.


  1. Harshly brushing out knots — If you are too rough in brushing out a knot it can lead to damaged hair. Use a little conditioner for hair care and with your fingers, carefully detangle your hair before combing it to prevent unnecessary ripping and tearing.


  1. Vigorous towel drying — If you are too rough when drying your hair it will cause broken follicles and frizz.  Instead, blot your hair with a towel in order to get rid of the dampness.


  1. Combing wet hair — This is especially disastrous if you have curly hair. No matter how wide tooth the comb you are using is it can still harm the naturalness of your curls.  For individuals with excessively curly hair, dry combing is not an option.  It will lead to a frizzy horror, but you shouldn’t comb it wet either.  So what do you do?  Yet one more thing which you do not do is to rinse your hair with water again in the hopes that it will help untangle it.  What happens when you do that is it brings your curls right back to life.


  1. Touching your hair when drying it — Don’t do it. Ever.  Most especially if you have really curly hair.  This will only make your hair frizzier than it is to begin with.  It will not help to straighten the curls.


Well, as you can see this is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to bad hair care advice.  There’s tons more that could keep us here forever, but this list at least gives you some of the kinds of bad hair care advice to avoid.

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