The Long-haired Girl’s Guide to Fashionably Glamorous and Long Hair

Image: © Subbotina Anna / Fotolia

It has been said multiple times by numerous people that the Hair is a Woman’s “crowning glory”. And I, for one, am a firm believer in that. Nothing else screams femininity than long glorious locks.

But what use is there of gorgeously long hair if not styled beautifully? Any woman would look like she just got up out of bed or have a phobia with styling products.

Today, we feature some of the Top Hairstyles for Long Haired Ladies.

The BUN – As the name implies, this hairstyle is for the long haired lady who wants to look polished and glam up for a special event. Usually, this hairstyle consists of gathering the hair at the base of the head (near the nape), and then twisting it around and around until it forms a circular gathering of the hair (bun) near the nape and then secured with bobby pins or elastic bands, and decorated with flowers or crystal embellishments.

But this classic also has numerous variations like:

The side bun – The Hair is gathered onto one side behind the ear.

The twin buns – The hair is parted in two and is gathered into two distinct buns, usually behind the person’s ears (sometimes higher, actually).

The top bun – This look is for the adventurous lady (or someone who just doesn’t want the hassle of fixing her hair periodically), because instead of being gathered at the base of the head, the hair is gathered on top of the head, and then methodically formed into a bun.

The BRAID – This is, perhaps, in my opinion, the most diverse of all the hairstyles. This look works both on short – haired and long – haired beautiful ladies, but in my opinion, looks better on the latter.

This look also has varieties:

The Rope braid – The desired portion of the hair is simply divided into two smaller parts and is twisted, rope – like until the desired length is achieved.

The French braid – The desired portion of the hair is divided into three smaller parts, and is then intertwined, one on top of the other, until the ends of the hair are reached. Sometimes, some ladies opt for the half braided look, where the end of the braid reaches their ear level, thus allowing the remainder to flow free.

The Ladder Braid – Yes, the final look is what the name implies. This is quite a complicated kind of braid composed of four smaller sections of hair intertwined to look like a sideways ladder.

The Corn-rows – This type of braid takes the most time to create. A small portion of hair is braided French style almost touching the person’s scalp.  The process is repeated until all the hair has been braided.

The CURL – With the advent of today’s modern styling tools, having gorgeous curls is easy, fast and hassle-free.

Be it long gorgeous curls for a corporate event or large and care-free beach waves for a nice day outside, any lady can easily fix her hair in curls.

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