The Glitz and Glamor of Manicure among Teen and 5 Uncertainties

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There is a growing obsession with manicure among teenage girls today. Every generation learns from the one before it. Young people borrow from an adult. One cannot blame the young girl who wants to have beautiful fingernails like her mother.


Learning from the best in manicure issues

Apart from their immediate relatives, there are other ‘role models’ that influence teenage ladies towards adopting nail art. The teacher at school is likely to be a modern woman that appreciates beauty. Needless to say, teachers are among the greatest influencers of young people. The teenage girl would want to copy the teacher’s fingernail designs and preferences.


The allure of the media

The glitz and glamor of manicure among teens can also be attributed to what they imbibe on television and other mass media. Our living rooms are filled with images of successful women that have well-designed and decorated fingernails. It is natural for teenage girls to want to copy such fashion statements.


Peer pressure

Another reason for teenage girls to desire to have their fingernails worked on and beautified is pressure from their peers. This happens especially during the festive season and school vacations. Nobody wants to be left out. One popular fingernails’ decoration design can be replicated by many young women.


What risks are involved?

Manicure is the subject of doubts, just like any other form of artificial beauty. Many teens approach fingernail decoration art with trepidation. They wonder whether it is safe to create all those designs on fingernails. The uncertainties involved are not universally recognized but they pose food for thought for respective teens.

  1. One can get fungus and viruses: It is important to understand that there are many people who use the same salon as you. Some of these people have viruses and fungus in their fingers. If equipment is shared without serialization, infections can occur.
  2. Cancer risk: Manicure often involves the use of UV light. This practice ensures that the patterns and artificial nails remain in good condition for long durations. However, prolonged exposure to UV light is known to cause cancer.
  3. Damaging of cuticles: This happens especially when teens work with overzealous nail artists. Adolescents need to know that over-clipping of fingernails can cause permanent damage to cuticles.
  4. Nails can be shredded during filing: Although nails are dead tissue, they have important roles to play in the body. Shredded nails cannot protect your cuticles appropriately. They are also an eyesore.
  5. Public opinion and perception: It is unfortunate but realistic that some women have lost job opportunities because of misconceptions based on their fingernails. Not everybody has a positive attitude towards manicure especially in employment circles.


Way to go

While women should take care of their fingernails and the practice is in vogue, it is important to be cautious. Manicure is an aesthetic endeavor. Whenever there is a conflict between beauty and health, it is advisable to forego everything if only to preserve the body’s wellbeing.

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