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The frenzy during festive season leaves little room for errors especially when it has to do with getting attention. As little as glitter nail polish for your manicure can get you that attention you so desire. The use of glitter nail polish is not a new act in the world of fashion. What has changed however is the quality of the nail polish itself.

Most of the nail polishes in the past that were referred to as glitter nail polish looked more flicker than shimmer. Glitter nail polish rocks better at night when there is the moonlight or a replica of it which brings out the glow of it.

Luckily, KBShimmer polish is just like the traditional polish. Unlike semi-permanent gel polish which needs a special UV lamp to dry, glitter nail polish dries naturally and takes time too like the traditional polish. For a quicker dry, the secret is to keep the coat thin layered, that way it would dry faster.


Application tips


There are tips you should note when you want to apply the glitter nail polish. Though it is not really a capital offence not to follow these steps meticulously but if you are aiming at having a manicure that would last long and wear smooth so that you achieve the glitter it was made for.

First things first, the glimmers found in the nail polish are denser and are bound to settle at the bottom of the bottle. To get the glitters up, roll the bottle between your fingers. Please don’t shake. Shaking will trap bubbles in the polish which can come in the way of your application and mess things up.

Wash and dry your hands and nails. This is very important because dirt on the nails will make the polish chip faster. You may not have known the importance of a base coat but it helps the polish to adhere much easier to the nails. The base coat also seals off oil and will surely extend the life of your polish on the fingers.

When you dip the tip of your brush into the polish bottle, place it at the centre of your nail and swirl evenly; the way you stir your soup. Remember to always keep it thin. Because of the glitter elements, your nails will look rough so to make them smooth, use a top coat that dries fast.

When you are tired of wearing your glitter polish, getting rid of it is also easy, just like the traditional polish. Soak cotton balls in nail polish remover and place on fingers then wrap them up with foil paper. Allow for about ten minutes then twist them off the nails. It should come off easily. Any left over can be whipped off using more cotton balls and polish remover.

Now you know that you should not forget the glitter nail polish on your nails when preparing for that festive period because they can get you all the attention you need.


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