Techniques that will make you a fabulous Nail Artist

Image: © Subbotina Anna / Fotolia

Are you someone that really values having polished and beautiful looking nails? Being well groomed can really get you far in life, and to be honest, going to the nail salon all the time to get your hands done by professionals can really add up. Especially if you’re getting nail art done on them each time! While many women think that being a nail artist is out of reach with their skills that simply isn’t true. Nail art can be done at home – for much cheaper than what the salon will charge – with attention to detail and patience. Here are some things that you can do to help you make beautiful nail art, all by yourself.


For starters, there are things you need to do before you even grab that bottle of nail polish that will make a huge difference in the outcome of your nails. The first thing you need to do is take a foam nail file, and use the nail file to file down the edges and the front of your nails. The trick here is that you need to do it in one direction only! This will prevent feathering from happening, which can ruin your nail art look.


Once you’ve done that, you need to be applying a cuticle oil or softener, so that you can push back your cuticles. Overgrown and messy cuticles will really show when all is said and done with your manicure, and they can also become infected if they’re not properly maintained.


Buffing your nails with a nail buffer should come next. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but its a little detail that will truly make all the difference. If you’re really investing some time into your manicure, at this point, you should use some polish remover quickly, to take off any oils that would still be present on your nails.


Now it’s time to use some nail polish! The trick is to dip your brush and pick up just the right amount of polish so that you can completely coat your entire nail, without having to dip the brush again for more polish. Again, it may seem like a small step, but it makes all the difference.


Let’s get down to the technique. Take the nail brush, starting at your nail cuticle, and pull the brush up in the middle of your nail. Then repeat this motion on each of the corners, making sure that you are curving the brush so that it covers the edge of the nails. By doing this method you’ll get a solid, clean coat for your nails.


Did you get a smudge of polish on your nail when doing your nail art? Then take an eyebrow brush with an angle and use that to dip in nail polish remover. By using the angled brush, you’ll be better able to get into those corners and curves of your nails, and take off any excess polish that will detract from the look of your nails. It’s as simple as that!

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