Simple Steps to Get That Greek Goddess Hairstyle

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If you have watched any of the movies that tell Greek stories, the first thing you will probably notice about their women is their long curly hairs. Those hairs are most women’s dream but getting such gorgeous looking hair has often eluded them. Though it may be time consuming and involves you working with huge volumes of hair, but if you try and succeed, you will surely be proud of your accomplishment.


For a straight long hair which is compulsory in this case, you need to choose between the rebonding and hair straightening techniques. The difference between them is that in the hair straightening is used a hot iron to get the hair straight while the rebonding achieves straight hair with the help of chemicals. The hair straightening is a temporary process while the rebonding process lasts up to 5 months.


The first step to getting the Greek goddess hairstyle is to shop for hair extensions if you do not have long hair. It is best to shop for hair extensions. Because hair extensions come in various colors, it will be wise to get one that is in tune with your hair color unless you are aiming to make a bold colorful fashion statement.


1) Braided Curls

One prominent thing about Greek hairstyles is the curls. To get this type of hair, first of all, fix the hair extensions to get the hair you will be working with. Get your hair relaxed with relaxants and conditioners. Use a hair iron to get your hair straight. Pull the hair together loosely and form into a loose braid. Adorn the hair with flowers for a finish.


2) Straight curls

Whenever the Greek goddesses don’t braid their full curls, they let them flow. The flowing curls are easy to achieve. The hairs are relaxed then ironed into long wavy curls. Few strands are picked from both ends of the head and tied together to keep the rest of the hair in place.


3) The Greek pony

The Greek pony is a little different from the ponytail and the first reason is because of the weight and fullness of the hair. The best way to handle the fullness is to first of all convert the mass of hair into one long braid. The braid is then coiled and pinned on top of the head.


4) Short side springs

The hair is ironed so that it becomes long and wavy. The hairs are not held together but allowed to flow freely. Small hairs on the side are the curled into springs. These short springs are what gives the hair its uniqueness.


Now you have read the tips to getting that Greek goddess look why not pick one out and give it a try the next time you visit a beauty salon or make one of these hairstyles at home?

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