Seven Popular Manicure Types You should Know

Image: © Vladimir Sazonov / Fotolia

If you’re interested in keeping your nails looking great, then you probably already know all of the merits incorporating a manicure into your beauty routine. While you may want to get manicures at a salon, or even do them at home, you can quickly run out of ideas to keep your nails looking great. This is why you need to know the seven most popular types of manicures, which you can use as ideas for the next time you’re getting a manicure. Don’t be afraid to be quirky and bold, and try new things!

Are you the kind of person that really likes simple, clean, and classic? If so, then you’ll probably enjoy a basic manicure. Especially for those that are just starting to get regular manicures, the best package without all of the frills is a good place to start. During the basic manicure, they’ll clip your nails, tame your cuticles, soak your fingers and shape your nails. Some people prefer to only use clear polish, while others would rather have a basic color for this manicure look.

Another classic but slightly upgraded look is the French manicure. This manicure looks really clean and elegant, with a translucent pink polish and then a white polish along the tip of your nail. Because of the simplicity of this look, it’s really versatile for a lot of styles and occasions, so it’s also an economical look.

Want something that is still very classic, but with a little more stylish flair? Then consider a reverse French manicure, which has the white rounded tip area at the bottom of your nail, and the pale pink or another shade on the rest of your nail.

A less well-known manicure that is similar to the French is the American manicure. The biggest difference between the two is only the shape and color. Instead of a square shape, the American manicure is rounded on the edges, and uses a more neutral shade of white, versus the bright white of the French style.

Want a manicure option that will last for a long time? Then consider getting a gel manicure. The gel manicures are a lot less damaging to your nails then acrylic, with the same staying power. During a gel manicure, you undergo a similar process but with a special polish and drying your nails under a UV light.

Are you someone that really works hard with your hands? If you’re the type of person that is known for having dry, cracked skin and wear on your hands from constant use, then a paraffin manicure is a good option. The addition of paraffin wax to a normal manicure treatment will instantly add moisture to your hands. You’ll also get a nice hand massage and polish of your choice. There are even upgrades you can add, like grapeseed oil for an extra impact.


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