Secret Revealed: 5 Manicure Tools that Pros use for Business

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If you want to become a professional in in the field of nail art, you should take into consideration to work not just on your skills, but also on the tools that you might use in this business. As you most probably know already, being a nail artist may represent a pretty good job in the current economic perspective as there are more and more girls and women who choose nail art done by professionals than standard designs and patters that could be done at home.

The advantage of salons is that they have the professional tools that can be used to give the great looks. In addition, most manicure services are performed by highly trained individuals who know their job. Thus, you do not need to worry about over polished or misshapen nails. If you treat your own nails, you might damage them by not knowing about the tools, nor procedures. Some of the tools that the professionals use in the salon might be a bit expensive and too much for your budget. There are lots of manicure and pedicure tools that you can buy and use.

Orange stick

The orange stick can be used to gently push back the cuticles. It is advised to replace the sticks as often as possible in order to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. The cuticles are sensitive and this tools gently pushes the cuticle back without causing any damage. However, you will need to have a steady hand. You can also use a cuticle softener beforehand to prevent any damages.

Cuticle trimmer

Use this manicure tool only if you have manicure experience as you may need to be very careful. It is advised to use this tool to cut only the cuticles that are protruding and are easy to reach. The trimmer cuts them, but be careful not to cut the skin. As in the case of any other manicure tool, always keep the cuticle trimmer clean. You can wash it with soap or alcohol.

Emery board

The emery boards are useful, but always choose the ones that are gentle on your nails. It is recommended not to use metal ones as they are not so flexible and might be rough to the nail. Also, when filling make sure that you work in a single direction, in order not to tear the nail.


You can use a buffer to eliminate the ridges in the nails and to make sure that your nails get a long-lasting shine. This will also extend the life of your manicure and help you get a proper foundation for the basecoat and the nail polish.

Nail basecoats and nail polishers

These can be considered as the most important tools as you will need to use high quality products, in order to be sure that your manicure will look good and will draw attention. Furthermore, high quality products, such as nail polishes have the advantage of helping you have the most vivid colors on your nails.

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