Rebonding Or Hair Straightening, Which Would You Go For?

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There is a thing about straight hairs that makes the women to want to have one; not only does it look sleek and neat, but it also makes your hair appear longer. Rebonding and hair straightening are the two means to achieving a straight hair but the approach taken by both methods differs.


Techniques involved in rebonding

Rebonding is a permanent hair straightening procedure that includes the use of chemicals. The chemicals used break the hair molecules and then the molecules are systemically re-adjusted to get the desired straight hair.

  • The hair is washed and shampooed with a mild shampoo without any conditioner.
  • The hair is dried naturally or with the help of a blow dryer in the medium setting.
  • Cream softeners and relaxants are applied to every part of the hair (which must have been partitioned into smaller parts) and the hair is kept straight using plastic boards.
  • The applied chemicals are left in the hair for between 30 minutes to one hour depending on the type of hair. The hair is then steamed for ten minutes to half an hour before the chemicals are rinsed.
  • The hair is dried using a blow dryer and then keratin lotion is applied.
  • A flat iron (set at not more than one hundred and eighty degrees Celsius) is used to break any remaining curls.
  • A neutralizer is applied into the hair to begin setting the bonds and stabilize the hair. It is allowed to stay for about half an hour
  • The hair is rinsed with cold water and blow dried before a special serum is added. The finishing is done with an iron to give it the sleek look.


Techniques for hair iron straightening

The regular hair straightening is a less complex technique which can be carried out by nearly anyone at home.

  • The hair is moistened with a smoothing lotion which is carefully massaged into it.
  • The hair is divided into small partitions.
  • The hair is sprayed with thermal protector to reduce the impact of the hot iron on it.
  • Each partition is locked between the iron which gradually runs down from the roots towards the tips of the hair.


Pros and cons of rebonding and hair straightening

Either of the two processes of hair straightening or rebonding has their pros and cons.

1) Rebonding is an awfully expensive process with the cost depending on the type of chemicals used while the hair straightening only requires you to purchase the iron.


2) Rebonding is a longer lasting procedure which can last up to three months and the hair straightening needs to be done frequently.


3) In both procedures, the stylist has to be very careful and highly skilled to know when to wash off the chemical in the rebonding or switch the heat of the iron in the hair straightening to avoid causing unwanted damage to the scalp.


4) Those that use iron regularly might have their hair texture destroyed and their hair becomes fluffy whenever they fail to iron. Rebonding, on the other hand, is less likely to cause damage to the hair because of the less frequency of its use.


Now you have seen both sides of the coin, which would you go for?

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