Paraffin wax treatments for manicure – Top tips

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Are you a nail salon technician in training? Or maybe you want to become an ‘at home’ expert when it comes to giving luxurious manicures? What if you’re even just someone that likes knowing about manicure and nail care techniques? Then you should probably make sure that you know all about paraffin wax treatments. They have become somewhat of a staple in the nail care industry, and are definitely popular in nail salons around the world. And while the idea of putting wax on your hands may seem a little strange, when done correctly, it’s a fabulous and soothing experience that you’re likely to enjoy.

If you’re getting a paraffin wax treatment done, a salon will likely use one of a few popular techniques out there. Let’s talk about one of these techniques.

  • The first steps

First, you’ll need to dip a person’s hand into the paraffin wax all the way up to the wrist, making sure that the person’s hand is relaxed and not tensed. After placing the hand inside the wax for a few seconds, you then remove the hand. You’ll want to do this several times, to ensure that the hand is completely coated in wax.

  • Letting the wax sink in

After that’s been done, you will need to take out the hands and put them either in plastic foil, or alternatively, wrap them up in warm towels. When you’ve done this give the paraffin wax the time it needs to harden. This is generally going to take between five and ten minutes. Then you need to remove the plastic foil or the towels. From there, you need to remove all of the paraffin wax from the hands.

When the hands are completely free of wax and are clean, you’re going to then want to massage both the hands and the forearms. Using lotion is generally a good idea for this, but is not required always. If the paraffin wax treatment is part of a larger manicure package, then you’re also going to need an extra step between the massage and actually apply nail polish. You will need to wipe off the nail beds with a dehydrator solution to remove any hints of wax that may be left over, and make sure that the moisture is removed so that the nail polish will be able to adhere properly, and last for a long time.

  • Now to the nail polish

From there you’ll be able to apply the base coat, nail polish, and topcoat needed to complete the manicure look. Paraffin wax is definitely a luxurious treat and whenever you’re looking for a high-class manicure experience, you should consider adding this to your manicure package at the nail salon. It can be done at home, if you’re interested in at-home manicures, or even doing manicures for your friends at a social gathering but make sure you take care in preparing the wax properly at the right temperature, and that you also dispose of the wax in a safe and proper way.

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