Paraffin Manicure – 5 Things You should Know

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Paraffin manicure by its processes and techniques is more of a hand massage and treatment mostly seen in spas and massage houses. Conventional manicures give all focus to the fingers but the paraffin manicure gives focus and attention to the hands as a whole. The methods employed in this type of manicure most likely seem to just cater for the health of the hand than the nails. Although generally speaking, manicure is all about caring for the hands, but the term seems to have lost its true meaning, and has come out to sound in people’s ears as just painting the nails.

The methods generally are soothing, relieving and therapeutic which makes it somewhat a luxury kind of manicure. Most manicure salons don’t include paraffin manicure as part of the normal manicure services rendered, it is more of a special service which is far more expensive than your normal manicure.

If you are new to the meaning of paraffin and what it entails, then the tips detailed below would go a long way in helping you understand all there is to this type of manicure and what makes it special.


  • The use of melted wax: Paraffin manicure involves melting paraffin wax and allowing it to cool down a little before submerging the hands in it. This particular kind of wax is used because it can be heated over the temperature of 35° C without burning or harming the hands in any way. Although it is advised to allow the wax cool down a bit before dipping hands in it as too hot or smoking wax might be disastrous to the hands.
  • Used in treating rough and dry hands: the heat and oil present in the melted paraffin wax helps hydrate the skin around the place it is applied, and restore moisture and suppleness in that area. When the congealed wax is removed from the hands submersion, the skin around the area become soft, fresh and moisturized.
  • Focuses more on the entire hands than just the nails: the paraffin procedures actually seem not to pay any special attention to the fingers as all other kinds of manicure do. Here the focus is always on the whole hands, and the idea is always about how to soften and moisturize the hands, how to aid better blood flow and circulation and how to restore the suppleness of a dry hand. This suggests that paraffin is a form of therapeutic hands massage first, then a type of manicure next.
  • Those with cuts and rashes on their hands are advised not to undergo the paraffin manicure because the wax can cause infection when it comes in contact with broken skin.
  • Used in the treatment of muscle related issues in the legs/hands: the use of paraffin wax is a form of heat therapy which is used in the treatment of arthritis and some other rheumatic related diseases. The heat from the warm oil helps speed up blood circulation in the targeted regions.

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