Oily skin – here are some makeup tips which will save your day

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It is hard to tell which is more problematic and difficult to handle between an extremely oily skin and an extremely dry skin because both of them make the face difficult to maintain. They are opposite of each other and therefore everything that works for one should be avoided in the other.


The key to controlling the oily skin is to ensure the following;

  • Getting rid of the oil from the skin: this can be achieved using cosmetics as will be discussed below.
  • Keeping the skin dry always: keeping the skin dry can be achieved using blotting paper to wipe the oils off.
  • Maintaining a personal hygiene because oil attracts dirt: taking regular baths with soap and water will help to keep the pores open and healthy and to a long extent smooth.


The above targets can be achieved by using the below makeup ideas;

1) Powder:

This is probably the best thing you should carry with you in your bag. Powder has the ability to suck up the oil from the skin giving your face the look you have always wanted.


Powders have the tendency to cake so it will be a great idea to carry one around so that you can rub off the caked one, smoother your face and apply a new one. Take note of powders designated as ‘oil control’, those ones have a tendency to last longer on the face without caking.


2) Use a primer

A primer helps your foundation to stay on your face. Without a good primer, the oil will come out from your skin especially in the oil prone areas (like forehead, nose and chin) and mess up your makeup. The work of the primer is to seal the oil out. The primer should be worn before the foundation and every other makeup.


3) Go for a matte lipstick

A matte lipstick causes dryness. The base ingredient sucks up the moisture (and oil) from the lips making it stay longer on the lips. If you are prone to oily skin, using a lip gloss won’t look nice because your lips begin to shine from a distance and attract the attention to your skin.


4) Try a face toner

A toner is used to balance the complexion on different parts of the skin. Oily skin will cause your face to be of different shades. The places that are more prone to oil secretion appear brighter while the other areas are darker in color. Using the right toner will help to give the face an even tone thereby eliminating your distorted appearance.


5) Go slow on oily creams

If your skin is already oily then it is senseless to invest further in oily creams (leave that to the people with dry skin). Go for moisturizers and creams that are low on oils and those that do not clog the pores.


To combat oily skin, the secret is to go for long lasting makeup products because they cause drying. Also, keep your pores open so the oils can always get out and be washed off instead of keeping them trapped.

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