New ideas to beat that manicure fatigue

Image: © honcharr / Fotolia

Every girl has her favorite nail polish shades and nail art designs that are considered ‘go tos’ when you want something you know you love, that feels right. But after a while, those colors and designs can start to feel a little stale, and uninspired. And despite that, you still need to keep your nails groomed and looking fabulous. When you’re in a manicure rut, try some of these fun ideas to spice things up and getting you excited about nail care again.


Do you tend to stick with a solid color with no real zing? Try adding a creative topcoat – like the crackle polish, which comes in several colors – on top of a fun nail polish color. It creates a really cool effect that has a lot of texture, while still remaining somewhat tame.


If you’re into the retro style, then consider getting a manicure with polka dots! While getting a red, blue or black base coat with white polka dots is definitely a classic and timeless style. But if you want to be bold with it, try a neon and different colored polka dots for a really original and energetic nail care look.


Animal prints are just found at the zoo – they can be found on your nails too! This is definitely a way to show you’re not fully tamed. There are so many different kinds of animal prints that you can use for your next manicure. Maybe a zebra print? How about leopard or cheetah print? Whatever animal print is your favorite!


Are you a fan of books or reading news? A classic and bookish nail care manicure idea is using newsprint! For this look you take newsprint clippings and stick them on to nails with a base coat, then top it with a few layers of a clear topcoat, and then you’ve got a really quirky and unique manicure look.


Do you have a favorite designer, logo or sports team? Then use this as inspiration for your next manicure! You can incorporate the logo colors into your base coat, usually there are several colors in a logo to choose from, and then you can place the logo on one nail, or all of them! If you want a really intricate design, then it may make more sense to have a nail care professional to do the designs for you.


What’s your favorite flower? While flower details are pretty common for manicures, if you try different color and flower combinations, it can really create a unique look that you can try! Don’t be afraid to experiment with the design and placement of the flowers when trying out this design type.


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