Neutral Makeup tips for teens

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Makeup has been seen as the main initiation of a girl into womanhood. Using various techniques, the beauty enhancement has been done for a long time. In the teenage years, the face has developed from chubby cheeks, taking the figure of a woman. A few tips to guide on making up your face are important to ensure you avoid common mistakes.


Get your own makeup kit, do not share since your skin colors aren’t the same. Also, ensure to use your own brushes for germ spread prevention.
When making up your eyes, it is important to ensure you have all the necessary equipment. The eyebrows should first be trimmed, to allow room for application. The eyes should not be applied too much eye shadow, as this will distort your natural look. Too much eye makeup application is not recommended.


At this tender age, you do not need to achieve age reduction; instead you need to enhance beauty. Therefore, apply sparingly, and make it bright. Apply a thin line eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Complete the eye look with good quality mascara. Note that you can never go wrong with neutral colors


One at a time
Do not have both eyes and lips done at the same time. This will only make your face look overdone. In most cases, you will apply makeup to the eyes to make them wider and brighter. A light shiny lip gloss will be enough for the lips. Take a little so you do not overdo it. Also;
• Avoid using darker lipstick and replace with lighter colors
• Avoid water based eye liners for eye damage
• Use professional brushes for application
• Never go to bed in your makeup always your face for dirt and germ removal


Well shaped brows will look lifted and improve a lot on your look. A professional waxing will do the trick. Get good tweezers for day to day touch ups. This can be done after a shower, to avoid much pain. Maintain the look with an eye pencil when the brows are looking thin.


Lighter mascara
Having light colored mascara, for instance brown in color will work well for teenagers. This is because their skin color is also lighter. Therefore, black will not appear well and will look darker. If you are actively involved in outdoor activities, consider waterproof mascara. Thought, a bit tough to remove, it does not run even in hot weather.


Good quality Makeup
Note that your skin is very tender and sensitive altogether. This should greatly determine the quality of makeup products to use. Avoid too many layers on your skin while making up which leads to blocking of pores and results to a breakout. Dealing with acne is also an issue for most teens with late adolescents, a factor to consider too.
Use foundations that match your skin color, and made naturally without chemicals. This maintains your skin from damage. If possible, use home remedies for a cleanser, facial scrubs and masks. In cases of skin or eye damage from makeup consult a doctor immediately.

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