Natural makeup – The trend of today and how to achieve it

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Every passing year and decade we see the rise and fall of a fashion trend. This year is not an exception. There have been makeup trends that endured for decades but were polished to a teasing look that would leave you wondering if you have seen it before.


The trendy makeup this ear cuts across the blushes, the eyelashes, the lipsticks and so on. Though it is hard to create an exhaustive list of anything at all, you will be treated to a list that will surely satisfy your taste.




1) Flushed cheeks: you know the pretty look when you are flattered and you give out that natural smile (with reddened cheeks) that accentuates your beauty? Luckily, that flushed cheek look is able to be frozen with makeup.


We see a lot of women wear the look all day long making them irresistible to pass by. To get this look, wash and dry your face with a clean towel. Apply your foundation evenly on your face then use a brush to apply the blush. Make the center of the application thicker than it should fade out as it goes outward till it blends with the natural colors of your face. For a bold fashion statement, stick with red blushers.


2) Even tone: every part of the face usually has a slightly different tone. This can be taken care of using face toners. With face toners, the darker spots can be lightened up while the too light areas can be darkened a little till the skin comes to an even finish. Now you don’t have to be jealous of those girls that have a super model look because you can be one of them too with the help of a face toner.


Gorgeous lips


1) Gold kiss: the use of gold lipsticks can be traced back to many decades but the trend was resurrected in the recent years. What makes this different from what you already know is that this time around, the gold lip liners comes with tiny shimmers that makes them irresistible. Gold is a color of royalty and any lips that wear the color are not short of respect.


2) Pink power: some people have natural pink lips. Pink is a sensual color and always gets you attention from the male folks. More women have discovered the power of this makeup idea which made the trend surface once more this year. If you want to wear pink on your lips make it as thin as possible if you want it to look natural. The thicker you make them, the more fake they will look.


3) Red queen: red lipsticks have just refused to go out of fashion. They draw attention each time they are used especially when used along with gloss to give them a bloody land shiny look.


This year, the short curved eye lashes gain prominence. To make them stand out, they are enhanced with the help of dark liners.

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