Nail Care: Tea Bag Method to Repair A Broken Nail

Image: © a1ex76 / Fotolia

Broken nails can be a serious hassle. Whether you were exercising, or out running a simple errand, having a broken nail can put a serious damper on your day. There are tons of ‘fixes’ out there to fix and maintain broken nails, but one method that is surprisingly effective is the ‘tea bag method’. Take a closer look at how it works, and how it can help your nails.


In order to use this nail care method, you’re going to need a tea bag, a medium nail file, a fine nail file, a buffer, and a base coat.


The first step is to take the tea bag and snip off the top, and then empty out the tea. Believe it or not, you won’t need the tea itself for this method. Once you’ve done that, then you need to snip out a small rectangle spot on the tea bag that is about the size of the nail. If you’re not sure, then make it longer than you think you need to.


Next comes the application. If you have a cracked nail then you’re going to want to apply the tea bag to half of your nail. And if it’s just a peeling spot or a weaker spot on your nail, you’ll only need to put it on 1/3 of your nail. After you have cut the tea bags so they fit for all of your nails, then it’s time for the base coat polish to your nails. Wait a tiny bit so they are still fairly wet, and then apply the rectangular pieces of tea bags you cut out, and place them on all of your nails.


You’re going to want to press down on the tea bags, so they firmly adhere to your nails, and go on smoothly. The last thing you want is bubbles or little wrinkles, because this makes it less effective, and can be seen. Once you’ve done the positioning on your nails, you want to put another basecoat on top of your nails. You will see that the tea bags you’ve polished will be somewhat transparent, which is what you should expect.


After everything is dry, then you go through your normal nail care filing and file any tea bag that’s overhanging. It will definitely come off easily. Take the files and file gently on the front of your nail, which will blend the tea bag and the base coat together. After that, buff them so that they’re in good looking order. After that, apply yet another base coat, and once that is dry, you’ll be able to paint right over it with your nail polish color of choice!

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