Marvel Manicure – ‘Cheap to Chic’

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Dressing up your nails and smelling that nail polish sounds so perfect. Just the thought of going for a manicure session can sound so relaxing and hooking but can also be a costly affair. It’s all hunky-dory until you break that nail. Ouch! It can be so crushing. You don’t want to see that nail chip just moments or days after that fulfilling and pricey manicure.

A flawless and perfect manicure starts with a bang and ends, too, with a bang. Start coloring your nails with a base coat and finish it with a top coat to make your nail color chip resistant, long lasting and worthwhile.

Why do we need a base and top coat?

A base coat is the first coat you apply to your naked nails that acts as a primer for them, before you begin your nail painting job. It forms a protective layer on your nails safeguarding them from breaking, flaking and splitting; while strengthening them. They act as nutrients and moisturizers for dry and brittle nails.  A healthy base coat can help you to avoid yellowing of the nails and nail staining due to dark nail polishes.

A splendid manicure ends with a top coat, capping your nails making them chip proof. A good top coat invades right through your nail base to create a strong bond with your nail polish. It acts as a varnish to create a protective layer for your nail paint to prevent it from chipping, paling and giving them a lustrous shine.

Foolproof application…

Wipe out or wash your nails thoroughly clean to remove any residue left otherwise the nail paint will just peel off. Apply a layer of base coat on your nails, preferably 2 to 3 slaps and you’re ready to paint them up. Once the nail polishing job is done, swipe a good top coat over the painted nails all the way to the tips to protect the nail color and provide sheen. Don’t forget to coat the sole of your nails, underneath to give them strength and stiffness.

Checklist to choose the right one…

  • Look for a thicker base and top coats for that perfect manicure. Thick base coats help fill up all the furrows in the nails and get rid of any imperfections. Thick top coats help to strengthen the nails and bond the paint to your nail to avoid breakage and damage.
  • Go for sticky versions for your nail paint to stick for a longer time.
  • If pressed for time, vouch for a quick dry top and base coats, for a quick manicure job.
  • Tinted base coats are the ‘in thing’. You can just swipe a coat and go for a nude look nail paint and if not it acts as a foundation for your nails. A white base coat works wonder for translucent and neon nail paints.
  • Look for good quality, chip resistant and super glossy top coat variants for that vinyl like effect.


Fishing for compliments? Manicure it right. Flaunt those gorgeous nails.

‘Nail it’ from start to end.

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