Manicure tips for Hard Nails

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Do you dream of having a stylish and fashionable manicure, but have nails that won’t cooperate? Going to a nail salon can be an option to get a manicure that you’ll love, but it can be very expensive and time consuming. These are some things that you can do when painting your nails at home, that will help to lengthen the life of your nail polish.


You need to start off by ensuring that your nails are clean. Many people don’t realize that nail polish will not stick to nails that are dirty, even if your nails appear relatively clean. You need to properly clean your nails before starting your manicure. This will allow your nail polish to last longer. How should you clean your nails? Try some rubbing alcohol or rubbing alcohol in order to clean your nails.


If you’ve gotten your nails clean, the next tip is to apply a base coat to your nails. Many people forget this step, and it really makes a difference! When you’re looking for a base coat, opt for one that is either shiny or slippery. What’s the point of a base coat? A base coat will actually give your nail polish something to grip onto, which makes it much easier to wear and elongate the life of your nail polish.


When you are selecting a nail polish, there are also some things to consider about what polishes will last longer. When it comes to glitter based nail polish, it is harder to remove, which ensures that it will last longer. Also, using a darker color in some cases is better than a lighter color, because the color is stronger and any chips are less noticeable with a darker color.


After you’ve finished painting your nails, and have given them adequate time to dry, there are additional things you can do to make your manicure last longer. Just like a base coat, adding a topcoat can make a difference. This needs to be done immediately after the polish has dried, with additional coats every day after your manicure. This seals in your color and prevents any chipping or wearing on the edge from happening.


If you have decided that you want to invest in going to a nail salon, and you don’t want to do your own, there are also things you can do to extend your manicure’s life. Many salons will actually add thinner liquid to the polish in order to extend their use of the polish, but this negatively impact its strength, and will make it chip much easier than your own polish. Bringing your own polish to the nail salon is a good way to avoid this.


And if you can, try to not use water for a while after you’ve just had a manicure. If you can bathe or shower before you go and do your nails will really help. Whenever you have heat or moisture around following nail polish application, this can really impact the life of your manicure.


By following these tips, you can be sure that your manicure will last much longer and look better than ever before.

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