Manicure tips for every man

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For some reason there’s a taboo that stigmatizes men for taking care of their personal grooming and getting or doing their own manicure. Despite this taboo, it’s actually really important for men to be doing proper nail grooming for their own health, and those around them. Here are some manicure tips that every man should follow.


Before a manicure can take place, it’s important to note that regular hand washing is an important part of caring for your hands. Exactly the same as your skin care routine; your hands need to be washed to keep them clean and free of dirt. Also, having well groomed nails and hands are important for health reasons, because this is one of the best ways to prevent infection and also keep your hands moisturized.


To start your manicure, you need to start by soaking your cuticles to soften them up. To do this, you need to place your hands in a bowl of warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes. This will make your hands and cuticles soft enough to work with during your manicure.


Don’t be lazy. Get under each of your nails individually and clean them to remove all of the dirt and other gunk that could be trapped under there. Once underneath your nail beds have been cleaned, then you need to rinse your hands off again. After this, you take the cuticle pusher – an important part of a man’s basic manicure kit – and push them down towards the bottom of the nail beds. Make sure you’re gentle and don’t overdo it.


Take your nail clippers after this and get to trimming your nails. Trimming your nails are important because you don’t want them to grow too long. Not only is this unattractive, but you also run the risk of having a nail break if you grow them too long, or have a painful hangnail that’s difficult to remove. Don’t trim them too much, but make sure they are reasonably close to the nail bed when you clip them.


Then take a nail file – another part of the manicure kit – and file the edges of your nails. By filing them and shaping them smoothly, you’ll get a rounded look to your nails, which is desirable, while also removing any snags in your nails so that they are smooth. If you desire, you can also buff your nails with a nail buffer, using first the gray side and then the black side on the tops of your nails. This will further smooth them out on the top surface layer, much the same as filing them will do to the edges.


Once all of this has been done, then you’ve essentially successfully completed your own manicure! One final step that many men miss – but is crucial – is adding moisture. Applying a moisturizer to your hands and wrists following a manicure is important. Not only is it a way to pamper yourself, but it’s also a good way to moisturize your skin, which is a good, healthy habit.


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