Manicure and Pedicure in a Beauty Salon or at Home – What you should know

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Ever had that one friend who just clumsily slumps down beside you in some coffee shop complaining of bad service from a particular nail salon, only to find out that she keeps coming back almost every week? Or, that one officemate who got infected with some weird blood-borne or fungal disease from the nail salon?

With the growing number of nail salons offering pretty much the same thing (manicure and pedicure) for various prices, it would of course be wise to go where you would feel most safe and be very satisfied with the service.

Well, here are some tips to ensure that you are getting the safest manicure and pedicure around.

1. Go DIY. For some, nail art is a way of expressing themselves. Of course, since you are the one doing the service to yourself, you wouldn’t want to inflict pain, right?

2. Always sterilize your stuff (especially the metal tools) before and after use. This is, of course a general rule for girls who like nail art and those professional nail technicians. This is to prevent untoward incidents since there is always the possibility of drawing blood (even by accident). You can leave your metal tools in boiling water for about three to five minutes and let them cool down before use, and dip your plastic tools in a generous amount of alcohol (or any other sterilizing agent) to kill any unwanted bacteria.

3. Always check your nail products before use. Remember, any sign of turbidity on clear nail products like cuticle sterilizer is already a warning sign that something (most probably bacteria, or fungi) is breeding on it. Likewise, any discoloration on other non – clear colored liquids (like cuticle remover) can mean the same.

4. When having your nails done in a professional nail salon, always make sure that the establishment or nail salon you go to follows all regulated guidelines for health, sanitation and safety. In some countries, various government-issued health, sanitation and safety certificates are posted on their walls for your easy reference.

5. Be specific with the details. Let’s face it. There will always be some (stubborn) nail technicians who will be persistent in insisting what they like, even if you don’t like it (i.e. some ladies want their cuticles cut while some just want them pushed back). Just be open enough to express how you want your service done and always be cautious and wary about the tools the technicians use on you.

6. Tell the technician if you have existing superficial infections especially when getting a pedicure. Most nail salons I know offer a combination of services like an additional foot spa when you get a pedicure. Remember: A fungal infection on your toe can cause you to infect your technician as well.

7. When having a professional do your pedicure, make sure that they do not cut the nails in a manner that is unnatural to how your toenails grow. Remember, forcing a nail shape that is triangular makes it more prone to ingrown nails and can cause severe pain and infection.

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