Manicure and 3-D Nails

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As the demand for manicure services goes up, the available styles keep increasing and improving. Today, you can easily get a three dimension job on your fingernails. This accentuates your look and makes you appear sophisticated. While conventional manicure can work for you, you will enjoy 3D styles more.


What are 3D nails?

This is typically nail artwork that is performed on your fingernails in a creative manner. Your fingernails do not have to be affected directly since the 3D job can be done one counterfeit nails.


So, some waxy substance or acrylic is applied on a mold first. Using a paintbrush, the artist spreads the acrylic over the nail. Once the fake nails are dry, they are fixed on your real fingernails. Glue is used to ensure the fake nails do not come off easily from your natural nails. Now the manicure process can begin.


Varieties of designs

There is a range of designs to pick from. You have the power to choose how your nails will be adorned. Many lovers of 3D nails prefer flowers. This entails having beautiful petals and miniature leaves being created on your nails. Since it is done on an artificial surface and then fixed on your fingernails, it is a relatively fast process.


Why do people prefer 3D Manicure?

Beauty is an important reason for the popularity of this nail art form. Every woman wants to look beautiful and fingernails are focal points of beauty. Others opt for this art form because it makes them unique. How does it feel when everyone is admiring you and wondering where you got such beautiful nail decorations?


In addition, 3D is becoming popular for special events and occasions. Several people have adopted this nail art form for their weddings. The good thing with weddings is that they are themed. Artists create 3D nails that match the theme of the special occasion. Many women experience 3D nail art in weddings and later adopt is as a lifestyle.


Fake versus real fingernails in 3D manicure

It is important to be vigilant when using 3D nails. This is because they are easily broken if not handled well. You have two options: to apply the 3D pieces to real fingernails or create acrylic nails on which the 3D nails will be fixed. The advantage with the latter is that your 3D modifications will be longer and stronger.


Even if you are engaging in DIY 3D nail fixing, it is safer and more convenient to work with artificial and not natural fingernails. The added advantage of 3D nails is that you can ask an artist to make them for you in advance. You have the opportunity to decide on the design before you purchase it.


How much will it cost?

It depends with the salon you pick, nature of the manicure and whether it is DIY. You will part with more money when an expert helps you, but DIY has its risks and imperfections despite being cheaper. The choice is yours.

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