Makeup your lashes and cheeks and let your natural beauty shine through!

Image: © Valua Vitaly / Fotolia

‘Everyone is beautiful in their own way’, was part of a song by Ray Stevens that hit the charts in the early 70’s. It’s definitely true that beauty is unique and everyone has something special. For thousands of years, people, women in particular, have used makeup to emphasize their ‘good’ points and make themselves as attractive as possible. So keep up the tradition and join the beauties of the past by enhancing your own natural looks with a little makeup.


Help your makeup along by encouraging healthy, long eyelashes. Lashes are made of hair and suffer and benefit from the same things as your lovely locks. Even the best mascaras, along with air-conditioned environments dry out your lashes. NEVER pull off your mascara! Clean them gently and before you go to bed, rub in a little petroleum jelly or a good quality oil such as olive or almond to replace the natural moisture that’s been lost during the day.

Just as your hair, skin and nails, lashes also benefit from a well-balanced diet that’s rich in all the B Vitamins and especially Biotin, which can be found in cauliflower, salmon, bananas, carrots, eggs, sardines, pulses and mushrooms.

It’s always best to buy a reputable, not necessarily expensive, brand of makeup and the mascara is no exception. It is going on your eyes after all. Always apply to clean lashes. Black is the obvious choice, but there are many women with pale skin or light colored eyes who really  suit other colors a lot better. Experiment with different colors and different shades. Try a dark blue or purple if you’ve got blue eyes, or dark green if you’ve got green eyes. It’s worth the effort since mascara opens up and emphasizes your eyes which are, after all, the windows to your soul.


We are so much luckier than our ancestors according to the novels of the past, whose lady-like heroines pinched their cheeks to add healthy color instead of using a little makeup. Human beings are genetically programmed to find healthy-looking humans most attractive for all the obvious reasons. Adding a pretty shade of blusher or bronzer to your cheeks adds that healthy glow.

The clever use of blusher can shorten, narrow, widen or lengthen your face, too. Experiment with different shades and play around with the angle and position of the blusher or bronzer until you find what adds most to the shape of your face. Most women look better with softer shades that reflect their natural coloring. If you’ve found a lipstick that looks good on you, try a complementary shade as a blusher.

Without a doubt, the power of makeup shows most dramatically when you have no hair. Talia Castanello was a young girl whose short life was blighted by leukemia and chemotherapy, which also left her without hair. Instead of giving up, Tali has left a legacy of fantastic makeup tutorials on YouTube which has been viewed by more than 36 million people. You only need to look at her glowing face to realize the incredible power of positive thinking. Makeup  contributed a little to that.

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