‘Makeup that’s Made-up’ – Know more about permanent makeup

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Did you ever wish to wake up from your bed looking like a celebrity? Waking up to makeup, every day could be such a dream come true. Imagine just putting on the right attire and you are ready to go, be it, to the gym, to work, for shopping or running daily errands.

Can you believe that you can now have that lip color, eyeliner, shaped brows, 24 by 7, without having to do them up every day? Yes, you can with Permanent Makeup. What! Did you say permanent makeup? Sounds too good to be true? Then continue reading.

The recent breakthrough in the beauty and makeup industry is what is called ‘Permanent makeup’. Permanent makeup is a non-surgical procedure and involves cosmetic tattooing on your skin to design your face to resemble makeup. If you have a tight schedule and are always pressed by time, this can save you the hassle of everyday makeup and your precious minutes too.

Permanent makeup works well on any skin tone, type and age; and works wonders in not only permanently inking those cosmetics but also in hiding scars, blemishes and any other flaws.

Does the thought of permanently inking your face give you butterflies in your stomach? We will discuss a few pointers for you to keep in mind before you go ahead with your permanent makeup decision.

  • Keep in mind the healing time required after the procedure as you will have to restrict yourself to any social activities involving going out in the sun, dust, rain or wind.


  • You will have to keep yourself away from any strenuous activities, sports and chores involving dirt and dust. You don’t want to add up to your already swelled face and cause any oozing or infections.


  • You can choose the kind of treatment you would want to go for, whether subtle and natural look or glam and dramatic one. So, make up your mind about the look you want to achieve, beforehand.


  • Whichever permanent makeup practitioners you choose, make sure they use the appropriate authority approved colors, pigments and cosmetics.


  • Make sure the technician performing the procedure is using sterile, disinfected and disposable apparatus, to avoid infections and adverse health effects.


  • Meet and speak with the technicians before you decide on which one you would want to go ahead with. The technician should be able to listen to and understand what exactly you are looking for and go with the one you trust to be competent.


  • As the name suggests permanent makeup is permanent for at least 3-5 years. So what’s done cannot be undone. Hence, vouch for well qualified, highly experienced and trained technicians. As reversing the mistakes can be lengthy, expensive and draining, physically as well as mentally.


  • Look for technicians who have been certified and accredited by your local accrediting body, as such certification requires the technician to pass written, oral and practical examinations to be certified. It is important for the person to know the science and artistry of permanent makeup. Look for a practitioner who has successfully performed the procedures earlier.


Hope this helps…..Be Bewitching!!


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