Make up tips that you can learn from Lady Gaga

Image: © mr.markin / Fotolia

Lady Gaga is known around the world as a pop icon. People also know her for not only her catchy tunes, but her very unique – border lining on bizarre look. Whether it’s her hair and make up or her quirky almost out-of-this-world clothing, she’s definitely always on the cutting edge of fashion and beauty. Want to be inspired by some of her make up looks? While you may not want to exactly copy her unique style, here are some tips you can take from Lady Gaga to add to your make up routine.


Lady Gaga is definitely the furthest thing from expected and bland. While a lot of women opt for neutral and ‘safe’ shades in their make up routines, this is not something that Lady Gaga does. She is a huge fan of bright and outrageous colors that definitely catch people’s attention. She’s been seen wearing neon shades of pink and dark purple, and many other colors in between.


Don’t worry so much about breaking ‘make up rules’. There are some expected ideas and thoughts on how to do makeup properly, that Lady Gaga really just doesn’t follow. For example, she makes the choice to not care what others think and pairs a strong lip with a strong eye makeup look, even when the conventional wisdom is to only have one or the other.


And Lady Gaga is huge on lip color. It’s one of the most important staples in her make up looks. While you probably have a lot of neutral pinks and maybe even a red in your arsenal, if you want to mimic Lady Gaga then you have to go bold. Having a black, dark red or even white lipstick look is really unexpected, and exactly the kind of look that she has done during her career.


If you can, seek out a makeup stylist, or even a sales woman at the make up counter at a department store for ideas on how to try make up looks like Lady Gaga. They’ll often be able to give you their own takes on her looks, recommend different products that you can try and they could potentially even do a mini free makeover for you, to help you see her looks on your own face!


Get ready for some serious lashes. Lady Gaga is known for wearing very extreme false lashes that come in a variety of styles and materials. While it’s not practical for every day wear, and for some they can be a challenge to put on, and take off, if you want dramatic bedroom eyes like the ones Lady Gaga sports, then false lashes are the way to go.


Other than just putting on make up like Lady Gaga, if you really want to feel like her, you need to try and wear a very fashion forward look and channel your inner pop diva. If you’re jumping into her shows figuratively for a day, then why not look the part and really invest in it?


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