Make Up Tips for Women during Pregnancy

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Make up is ubiquitous in the life of the modern woman. Pregnant ladies are not an exception. It is important for a woman who is heavy with child to feel beautiful and confident. Some women often assume that looking beautiful is not crucial during pregnancy.


It is important to remember that during pregnancy a woman goes through many hormonal changes. Some of the effects are easily visible on her face. The skin may glow, but acne, rashes and other skin problems may find time to spoil the party. A bloated tummy may also take precedence over the need to freshen up.


  1. Use eye cream to deal with eye shadows and puffiness

To begin with, a pregnant woman should use an eye cream to remove puffiness under the eyes. Normally, the sleeping patterns are altered when one is heavy with a child. Some women sleep a lot, while others experience insomnia. Whichever way, the eyes will tell all and sundry that you have not had adequate sleep.


  1. Apply a moisturizer

Secondly, you need to moisturize your face. It is crucial for the face or the skin not to be dry. Dry skin is prone to breakages, which can easily contribute to infections. A refreshing bath followed by a moisturizer will keep the skin in the right condition. It will also ensure you are fresh throughout the day.


  1. Heavy foundation is not advisable

Pregnancy is a time when the skin becomes very sensitive. There are many hormones at play. Sometimes you don’t even understand what is happening to you. Heavy foundation may lead to blemishes, spots and even acne. It is important to ensure skin pores are open at all times. This will facilitate effective air circulation and general wellbeing.


  1. BB and CC Creams can come in handy

It is important that you don’t overdo make up. Maintaining the basic minimum is important in order to avoid harmful side effects. To this end, BB and CC creams can be used when skin color darkens. No foundation is needed in this case. You can also use sun protection factor, if necessary.


  1. A blusher can brighten the face

A cream blusher will immediately restore the glow on your face and eyes. This is important particularly because of insomnia and its visible effects.  It is simple to use a cheek stain after the BB cream to give your face some radiance. Find the right kind of powder for your skin and dab a little on your face as necessary.


  1. Don’t give up if you have acne

Look for a foundation that matches your skin tone. The product you use should also be part-powder and part-liquid. This will help you conceal acne without calling attention to the face. This is the best approach instead of applying a lot of substances on your face.


Remember to consult a physician in case you are in doubt. Moreover, if the make up you are using during pregnancy backfires on you, consult a dermatologist.

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