Make up looks we look for

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Since time immemorial, the female human psyche has always been experimental in finding ways to improve her looks. She has used the fruit and flowers to add color to her face and hair.

And yes, even the little girls are attuned to making themselves look better with makeup. There is lots of trending viral videos that show these little cuties playing with their sister’s or aunts’ or mom’s makeup, as proof.

But thanks to technology, the tedious task of beautifying oneself has become easier through the use of cosmetics and make up. And yes, even those with extremely sensitive skin can enjoy the luxury of being extra pretty without having to worry about damaging your skin.

In today’s article we feature some very fashionable make up looks to watch out for.

  • The “cat’s eye” looks. This look constitutes the use of non-smearing, (usually) waterproof eye liner to line the upper (and sometimes, lower) lash line. The effect is instantaneous, as it makes your look appear be more awake.
    • A word of caution though when pulling this trick: overdoing this look (in my opinion) isn’t that pretty especially for a day time look.
    • It is also recommended that you try the glittered variety for that added shimmer for a fun and chic night out with friends.
  • The “nude” lips. This look is for the lady who doesn’t want to appear “too made up”. Simply swipe a nude (or the color that is closest to your own lips) lipstick on your lips and you’re ready to go.
    • This look is highly recommended to balance out other overwhelming shades of make up; or simply, when you want to look make-up free.
    • This is also recommended when you want to highlight other made-up features of your face.
  • “Smokey eyes”. This look is definitely for that girls’ night out. This looks is comprised to layering complementing shades of eye shadow to create a “smoky” effect.
    • If you are aiming for a professional or corporate look, it is best to stay away from this look.
    • This look is surprisingly sexy and seductive, as well.
  • The “Blushing Babe” looks. This look is for the fun-loving girl who is aiming for that “make-up free” and “sun-kissed” look. This is a very easy trick to pull, because choosing the correct shade of blush is easy, and is almost foolproof.
    • But don’t overdo it. I have seen some girls look like they’ve either been slapped in the face or have been over drinking.
    • This look is best (in my opinion) for a corporate or formal event for younger girls, as it makes them look refreshed.
  • The “Full Contour” – This look is best for when you are aiming for a more polished look without the costly (and very painful) surgical intervention. This comprises of using angled brushes and a combination of darker and light colored contouring products to create the illusion of well-defined facial features.

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