Make Up Challenges At the Workplace and How to Handle Them

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Less make up is the best way to go in the workplace as this is the first thing your employer and colleagues will note about you.  Make up advice that helps you be as natural as possible will benefit you the most in this situation.  The best suggestion that you can follow is to wear natural shades and be certain you have a smart look.  Too much make up will have a negative effect and will serve to mar your image.


Use too much make up, or wear your make up too flashy and you give people the wrong impression about you right away.  They will simply assume that you are a woman of low intelligence who is primarily interested in fashion.  So instead of fashionable make up, go with stylish instead, and yes there is a huge difference.


If you are trying to make a professional impression then tone it down.  Be subtle and understated instead of loud and overdone.  You can be an excellent employee with a fantastic work record, but you will always be fighting the impression that you are a bit behind the eight ball if you make your make up the main attraction instead of yourself.  Here are some make up suggestions to give you that professional look you seek:


  1. Clean Skin


You should always make the effort to keep your skin clean and moisturize it on a regular basis.  If you want to ensure that your skin will stay fresh and hydrated all day, then you should make daily cleansing, exfoliation and miniaturization part of your daily routine.


  1. Foundation and Concealer


A light foundation combined with a light concealer will perfectly tone your face.  It will give you that even, smooth look and will also act to cover all marks and blemishes, if you have the need for that.


  1. Cheek Bones


Put a light blush on your cheeks.  In order to get that high cheek bone look be sure that you blend it correctly and evenly.  Make certain to use a shade that will not be too dark for your skin tone.  Above all remember not to use too much!  Heavy make up and too much blush have no place in a work environment and you should never make this mistake.


  1. Eyes


It’s a mistake to use dark or bright eye shadow for the workplace.  Instead, use black or brown.  You can also go for the smoky eyed look and that would also be very nice.  You can make your lashes look longer and fuller with transparent or black waterproof mascara.


  1. Say No to Fake Eyelashes


Absolutely do not wear fake eyelashes at work.  They are totally wrong for the office.  If one of your set of lashes should come loose at work and you didn’t know about it, it would make you a laughing stock!  Just use mascara if you want to have lashes that are thicker and longer.


  1. No Glossy Lips


Two lipstick colors which should never be see in the office are maroon or pink.  They have a horrible tendency to come across as just plain cheap looking.  Stay away from maroons, bright reds and pinks.  Also do not apply glitter or gloss to your lipstick.  It will only look inappropriate in an office.


  1. Only Paint Nails With Light Colors


It’s perfectly fine to paint your fingernails for work, the key is to use only light shades of nail polish.  Bright and dark colors are better left for after work.  In this instance you want a toned down appearance.


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