Life Saving Tips for Nail Art

Image: © Anton Maltsev / Fotolia

When you are doing a manicure at home, you want people to think that it was done professionally, not at your dining room table or bathroom sink. There are plenty of steps that people forget when it comes to doing a high quality manicure that can take it from disaster to amazing. If you want to make sure that your nails look great every time you do nail art, then follow these life saving tips – which are pretty easy to do!


When it’s time to get out the nail polish, you may want to shake the bottle to blend the polish. Tons of people do this, but they don’t realize that this is not a good idea. Shaking the bottle will actually create air bubbles in the polish that will make bubbles in your nail coating, or make it difficult to apply a clean layer of polish. What you may not realize is that inside of your nail polish, there are often tiny balls inside the bottle that are used for mixing. The trick is, you need to roll the bottle so that the balls can do the mixing, without the air bubbles. Even if your polish doesn’t have the mixing balls, rolling the bottle in your hands will make it easy for the nail polish to blend and go on easily.


Do you have a favorite spot in your home to paint your nails? Think about that place for a minute. Is it in an area that is usually hot or humid? Then you may need to rethink where you’re doing your nail art. You want the air and area to be dry when you’re doing your nails, because if there’s excessive heat or humidity in the air, then you’re going to make it harder for the nail polish to dry evenly. Whenever possible, paint your nails in an area that is dry and cool.


If you’re someone that isn’t known for your patience, then you’ve probably been enticed to use one of those spray-on products that promise to quickly dry your nail art. But this is actually not a good idea. When you’re applying products like that, you’re adding chemicals that can be harmful to your nails, which can lead to chipping, peeling or even breaking in some cases. The best way to minimize drying time for a manicure is to use cuticle oil beforehand. Once the cuticle oil has dried, you’ll know for sure that your nails are dry and you can continue moving around as usual.


When you are filing or buffing your nails, do you do a back and forth motion? A lot of people do this, but it’s actually not the correct way to handle your nails. Going back and forth will actually cause very tiny splits or cracks in your nail surface that damage your nail, and impact the look of your nail art. When you are filing or buffing, try to do it in one direction over and over again, and you’ll get the same effect with less damage.

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