Is Your Hair Knotting Up and Driving You Nuts? Try These Hair Care Tips For A Change.

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like having to attend to the task of untangling your hair every morning, it wouldn’t matter if you are in a hurry or not, you must have to give it the attention it needs, you must have to untangle it before leaving the house. You might think a mere weaving into the hair with the fingers would loosen everything, it could be that way though, especially if the hair in question is not really long, but in the worst case scenario, the hair is long, so loosening it might be harder than imagined.

There are ways you could help your hair to help you and not knot up and tangle so much. It would be a lot better waking up in the morning and not having to spend close to 30 minutes trying to untangle your hair. Below are some of the means you could try

  • Hair products with lots of chemicals in them are a NO!

It might sound as though you are been asked to stay away from your hair products since almost all of them have different kinds of chemical in them. The point here actually is about not using them consistently, not been so reliant on them. Choose the products with lesser chemicals in them, because too much chemicals in the hair damage your hair and always leave it tangled when you wake up in the morning.


  • Apply conditioner

Applying conditioner, especially to your hair end during shower helps your hairs in remaining straight and wriggly, thereby reducing its proneness to knotting and tangling. Apply conditioner and allow for some minutes to really sink into the hair before washing off.


  • Buy A Hair Detangling Product

There are many hair detangling products out there that would help your cause in trying to get your hair to cooperate. Get yourself one and with other measures already in play, your hair would definitely work with you.


  • Dye less

Dying causes the hair to become too dry and this makes it tangle a lot more. Dyed hair becomes dry and somewhat stubborn, and when it’s like this, knotting and tangling become the only way to go. If you can’t do without dying, then reduce how many times you dye your hair in a year.


  • Go for a Trim

If your hair grows too quickly and longer than usual, then you need to consider trimming it at least once every 3 to 4 months to keep the dead and tangle ends away. It makes sense though, because this would keep the hair ends sharp and pointy.

  • Pack & Tie You Hair Before Bed

Before going to bed, make sure you gather your hair and pack them into a single unit/bundle, so they don’t get to scatter and tangle while you roll about in bed. It is better to comb and then pack the hair after the night’s shower, so it would be easier to comb in the morning.

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