Is Semi Permanent Gel Manicure good for you?

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There have been a rave on the semi-permanent gel manicure and if you are in the category of people that like to flow with the tide, one question that will constantly plague your mind is how good it is.

Semi-permanent gel manicure might just be what it is claimed to be from a number of good reviews it has garnered since its introduction into the market, but rest assured that it is not all rosy.

There are two broadly used semi-permanent gel manicure products as explained by ‘Beauty by Theresa’ spa and they are Shellac and Gelish. Though the two are in the same category, their actions are slightly different.

Shellac which is currently available in about 30 colors has a polish-like look. The makers of Shellac, CND (Creative Nail Design) hinted that the polish can last up to 2 weeks without peeling or smudging if given the right amount of care (this is one of the pros of using semi-permanent gel manicure; they have an intimidating longevity).

So when you wear a Shellac, you will be certain that you will not have to visit a salon every now and then and that means more money stays in your pocket. Also, Shellac has a super drying time so you won’t have to hang your hand in the air like a clown (you probably won’t spend those long hours in the spa like when you apply your traditional polish).

However, Shellac needs a special CND Shellac UV lamp to cure the colors so applying shellac is not something you are privileged to do at home, you will always require the services of a professional. Removing them is also not something you can do on your own like when you wear the traditional manicure.

What if you are in a strange environment where you don’t know your way and really need to remove them? That constitutes one of the cons of wearing semi-permanent gel manicure.

A travel tip blogger shared her story of how she left Italy to America and noticed the semi-permanent gel manicure she wore had chipped but could not locate any spa salon in America and had to carry the ugly looking nails back to Italy. Some users have also complained that semi-permanent gel manicure makes their nails brittle.

Gelish (made by Nail Harmony) is much similar to Shellac except that it lasts a little longer, a property made possible by extra strength in the layers with its top coat being resistant to acetone.

Acetone resistance is a good news to spa ladies who handle this chemical on a daily basis. Gelish comes in amazing 72 shades. Now, imagine the level of artistry you can achieve with that (another pro for the semi-permanent gel manicure).

No matter the reason why you want to shift from the traditional polish to the semi-permanent gel manicure, be sure to weigh the pros and cons to see if it will actually be a plus for you.

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