Inked your hands? Try these Manicure Styles for better results

Image: © Africa Studio / Fotolia

Congratulations on your very first do-it-yourself manicure! It looks elegant and classy, but a bit too plain. So what else can you do to make it more stylish and classy like you? Today we feature some simple and easy tips and easy-to-create styles to beautify your manicure.

1. Use stickers as guides to paint detailed designs on your nails. Paint your nails in your desired background color, stick on the guides, cover with a coat of the color of your choice, peel off the stickers, and viola! These sticker guides are easy and safe to use.

– What’s more, there are numerous designs, shapes, and colors to choose from! Truly, your own imagination is the limit!

– You can easily mix and match various designs on your nails too! There are also nail stickers that you can put on your nails while waiting for them to dry and then finish with a clear topcoat.

2. Be brave to use glittered polish. Are you a first – timer and unsure about how your non-dominant hand might not be able to draw the fancy designs you like? Try glittered polish! Glitter polish is technically an abstract themed design on its own, so there’s no need to worry about symmetry and stuff.

– What’s more, if you are patient enough, you can actually pick out the bigger pieces of glitter from the bottle and arrange them in any design you like!

– And yes, they work well as accent nail shades too! How does accent nails work? Well you begin by coating your nails with your preferred nail color except one finger (usually the ring finger). After all the other nails are done, you then proceed to coating the designated accent nail with glittered polish and that’s it!

3. Utilize DOTS. Yes, you read it right. Dots are awesome. Try drawing them in a flowery pattern, and presto, instant and easy floral designs appear on your manicure! Try drawing them in increasing or decreasing graduations, and you get lovely mosaic nails too!

– Are you stuck on a low budget? Try using the tip of an exhausted ball point pen or the end of a bobby pin to create dots all over!

– For a more fancy design, try the technique called dry marbling. Drop some moderately size blob of your desired shades on your nails in a circular pattern, and immediately swirl using a dotting tool to create a marbled effect!

4. Love geometry. For most beginners, geometric lines and patterns work best (in my opinion) for practice designs. With the genius technique called striping (with the use of nail tape), you can achieve uniformly straight lines and create geometric patterns on your nails!

– But of course, there is always a lower-priced version for the practical girl. You can use your regular cellophane scotch tape for this, as well.

– Some shops and boutiques offer nail art tools and also nail tape in varying graduations and shades too! So go ahead and experiment!

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