How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Nail Care

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Nails are delicate and beautiful and because of the fact that they perform a lot of duties daily, they need all the care and tending they can get. The state a person’s nails is says a lot about the kind of person he or she is, it shows the nature of the job of such person, if the person is a smoker and also how hygienic the person is. Keeping the nails healthy and beautiful requires work and focus and sometimes it is not easy at all. Some of the major problems we face with nail care are listed and explained below.

  • Brittle Breakaways

Your nails brittle and breakaway when there aren’t any moisture in there and this weakens the area that bonds the nail to the flesh. Apart from lack of moisture, growing the nails too long and not filing the nails properly causes this too.


  • Keep your nails as trim and short as possible.
  • Acetone removers are not so great for you; make use of oil base removers instead.
  • Before bed, soak your nails in olive oil for some minutes for miniaturization.
  • File your nails with sponge file
  • Cut the nails that show signs of breaking
  • Apply white iodine on your nails for strengthen


  • Fungal Infection

A lot of factors make way for our nails to get infected with fungus and some of these factors are medical conditions like diabetes and weak immune system. Other factors are: constantly getting your hands wet, thereby weakening the skin that protects that protects the nail base, smoking, injury caused by maybe a cuticle clipper which makes it easier for fungus to attack.


  • Take antifungal medicines to kill and clear the infection
  • Apply antifungal ointments on the infected nails till infections clears, and make sure not to apply polish until the virus clears.


  • Peelings

The nails just don’t like getting rough treatments as it cause them problems every time and these rough treatments are the use of acetone polish remover, faulty filing, nail glue, using some harsh detergents for a long time.


  • When doing household chores, make sure you wear good hand gloves.
  • Try using softer nail files in the future
  • After washing or when you must have put your hands in water for long, it is recommended you massage your nails deeply and properly with almond oil.
  • Don’t use acetone, make sure your nail polish remover is oil based
  • Stay away from buffing.


  • Nail biting

Well, this is one dirty habit which unfortunately for your nails, doesn’t do them any good. Nail biting is just a habit and sometimes too, people do it when they get scared and nervous or just confused


  • Regular manicuring would make it difficult for a habitual nail biter to chew on his/her nails, so manicure is recommended if you bite your nails

Whenever you feel like biting your nails, distract yourself by clapping, singing.

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