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Offices can be overly strict when it comes to conduct. Though it is called your free time, you are still not allowed to do just anything with it. Eating or manicuring in an office (even at your free time) may be the fastest way to the exit door if you are caught. But imagine your boyfriend called you to fix a surprise date to begin immediately you leave work. Another may be that you have been appointed to represent your organization in an important meeting and you stare at your nails and it is a mess. Meanwhile, in your bag there is a manicure kit, there is a way you can use it to avoid embarrassment. Unlike manicuring at home, every step of a manicure in the office must be carried out with haste and precision.


  • Empty your manicure set into one of the top drawers

Arrange them there for easy access. You wouldn’t want people watching you struggling with your bag. The drawer is an office property and anything that happens in them is presumed official right?


  • Clip your fingernails

Mind you, you are committing a serious crime and it is not a time to smile. Keep a serious face, that way you won’t look suspicious. Most of your activities should happen within the drawer because you wouldn’t want to be seen or litter the floor. Keep the impression that you are searching for an important document. Cut the nails of your left hand in the left drawer and that of the right hand in the right drawer. It is important to clip your fingers slowly to reduce the noise (wetting your hands will help).


  • File your fingernails

If it is a table with multiple drawers, do the filing in another set of drawers. If there have been any observer, they may get concerned and head to your table so always keep your eyes up so that you can catch them from afar and wave them away or with a hearty and quick, ‘Thank you, it is fine’


  • Remove old polish

The drawer is not the best place for fluids because of the risk of soiling an important document. Instead, soak a good size of cotton wool with nail removers and another with cuticle removers and hear to the nearest sink. Bloat the old nail polish, apply the cuticle remover and soak your nails there. Trust me, no one will question someone for washing he hands


  • Paint your nails

Nail polish usually has a distinctive strong smell which can give you away from a long distance. When it remains to paint, pick the basecoat and top coat and head to the toilet. Do your painting there. Work as fast as you can so that no one would begin to question your long hours. Allow the paint to dry a little because that way, some of the smell will go with it. Afterwards, you will be surprised at how you have used your free time so purposefully.

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