How to Master a Matte Finish Look In Your Makeup

Image: © Olga Ekaterincheva / Fotolia

For people with oily skin, matte makeup can be a godsend. And the way it’s been embraced by the fashion world guarantees that it’s here to stay. So below are some easy steps toward creating the ideal matte finish look in your makeup:


1. Exfoliate the skin. This is important because it will give you the needed fresh, soft look before you begin putting on your makeup. Just splash some warm water on your face and apply an exfoliant. Rub it in circles over your whole face, focusing especially on your forehead, chin, cheeks and the sides of your nose, because dead skin is most apt to gather there. Be sure that you rinse your face thoroughly and then rub it dry with a nice soft towel.


2. Use a toner with a cotton ball. You need a toner even if you have oily skin because it balances the PH level so your skin is not totally stripped of moisture.
Toner also will disinfect the pores and then seal them, which is great for helping to keep makeup and dirt from clogging them up.


3. Put on a mattifying face powder as a primer, with a powder brush. This is great for oily skin because it absorbs oil, and keeps any makeup from clogging the pores. Dust it on your whole face, even eyelids, because it will make an excellent primer for crease-free eye shadow.
4. Put concealer on any areas which need to be hidden; like dark circles under your eyes and acne. Dot the concealer onto the dark areas or acne spot and then use a concealer brush or your finger to blend it outwards. Don’t use concealers which are oil-based, because these will clog pores.
5. Put on a good quality matte foundation. You can do this either with a foundation brush, or your fingers. Place a bit of foundation on your cheeks, nose, and chin, then blend it in using downward motions. When you repeat this action on the forehead, blend upwards toward your hairline.
6. Add finishing powder in order to set makeup and absorb oil. With a soft powder brush, put on another dusting of the mattifying powder. This will help you to get that matte look, and it also gives more oil control than regular face powder does.
7. That’s it! You have created a matte makeup finish. Touch up your face during the day with the mattifying powder.


Now you see that it really isn’t all that difficult to master a matte look in your makeup. That’s how it often is when it comes to makeup or really anything else for that matter. Sometimes the things which seem the most complicated are really the simplest and vice versa. You’ll never know unless you give it a try, and don’t be intimidated by your makeup. In the end you and only you are in charge of your appearance for better or for worse. Make the most of it.

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