How to Make Portable Manicure Table

Image: © Dmitry Vereshchagin / Fotolia

If you are a manicure enthusiast, want to start your own small business, or even want a fun hobby you can do by yourself with your friends, nail art is a great choice. When you go to a salon, you’ll always see fancy manicure tables that nail technicians have, with all of their tools that they need to give you a professional quality manicure. While you may think that in order to have one of these manicures will cost you hundreds or thousands, but there are actually ways you can make your own portable manicure table.


The kind of portable manicure table you make can be influenced by what you want, your style, space you have to store it, and what your budget is to create it.


For a basic manicure table, you’re going to need a table that you can use – about 36 inches high – a sheet of glass that can be used to cover the top of the manicure table, clamps, a lamp, four roller wheels if you’d like, cement glue, paint and sandpaper. Now let’s talk about the process of making your manicure table.


If you want to make your own table from wood you have the option to do so, but generally it’s more time effective to use an already made table, especially one with rolling wheels already on it. Height wise, you’re going to need a table about three feet tall, in order to have a table that will allow you to paint nails while sitting comfortably.


Once you’ve selected a table, sand the surfaces of the table. The point is to smooth them out, so that when the time comes to paint the table, the paint will go on smoothly and evenly. When painting, make sure that you’re generous with the amount of paint you use, so that it goes on easily. After the first coat of paint has dried totally, then you can elect to paint on another coat if need be.


When the table is dry, either take the sheet of glass you already have, or have a sheet custom cut, so that it fits the top of the table completely. Having a glass surface allows you to paint nails and clean up easily. No matter where you get the glass for the table, you’re going to need to make sure that the glass is about a half inch thick to be strong enough for a manicure table. Take the cement glue, and use the glue to apply the glass top to the table, and allow for it to dry completely.

After all of the preparation is done, add touches like the manicure lamp and all of your manicure supplies to your table and start painting some nails.

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